How To Set up Vultr WordPress 2021 With free Plesk ? Install Very Easy Get $100

Vultr is a famous hosting provider in the world. This article will learn how to buy Vultr VPS easily and quickly, especially optimizing your website’s performance at the same price as a domestic supplier.

For years not only to 2022, on the internet, there have been many articles on how to buy VPS Vultr and how to create a WordPress website on this platform, set up Vultr WordPress 2021 With free Plesk – Install Very Easy Get $100

However, above all, by creating a website directly with the WordPress application, you create a VPS website to create another website. You will have to buy and create more VPS, sometimes not…

How To Set up Vultr WordPress 2021 With free Plesk easy
How To Set up Vultr WordPress 2021 With free Plesk?

1 VPS Vultr 5 USD can run 3 new sites completely normal, without affecting the speed.

If you are a longtime user who needs to upgrade the configuration easily and is a novice, you can completely save the initial cost by installing a VPS for easy and intuitive use.

The VULTR VPS platform is currently doing this very well; users who do not need to know the code can still use it well.

In this article, you and I will install a very great application that Vultr provides for free, an interface similar to Cpanel or DirectAdmin, which are intuitive websites like Plesk Administrator.

You will be able to install VPS running stably, with the best performance in the price range, optimizing the cost of building your business.

You do not need to use scripts like … you should use it when you are someone who wants to “READ.”

And not too difficult to use commands in operating systems; you need to manipulate the mouse to perform completely.

For users who want to focus on content development, this Plesk administrator’s interface is straightforward to use. It ensures optimal performance and security of your website, especially for free 3 websites, through a few mouse clicks.

What is Vultr?

Vultr is one of the VPS Server service providers by Choopa, the LLC company. Vultr was founded in 2014 until 2021 with 17 data centers around the world optimized, and of course, the hard drive of Vultr is 100% SSD

What is Vultr?

Therefore, Vultr is a reputable VPS Server provider, and the current number of Vultr users has reached more than 100 thousand people.

The world-famous VPS Server and Cloud Server provider with 100% SSD hardware is Vultr. Users around the world trust it because of its excellent quality for the web and blog.

Vultr has high uptime, large bandwidth, good support, and a meager price.

VPS is a convenient virtual server for creating a shared hosting environment when working on multiple computers. Rent VPS is affordable or can say is the lowest today and highly configurable.

Therefore, it is not too surprising that VPS Vultr is the first choice of consumers. Along with that is the need to learn how to buy VPS Vultr today has never diminished.

To use Vultr’s VPS service, you need to register an account to use. And make payments to them. Vultr currently supports many convenient payment methods.

Buy VPS get 100 $

Guide to buying VPS Vultr

To buy and use VPS at Vultr, you need to prepare the following:

Email accounts are Gmail, domain email, Outlook mail … normal use to receive verification from Vultr after you register.

An account ready to pay like Visa, MasterCard, or Paypal.


vultr wordpress azlifemastery 1


STEP 1:Go to Vultr homepage ( below click get $100)

If you deposit 25 USD, you will receive 100 USD in your account.

 Get $100


STEP 2: Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button, then enter the email address you are using and PASSWORD.

Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button

Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button below again, and you have completed the registration of a VULTR account.

Vultr will send a confirmation email to your inbox, click confirm and then log in; then we go to the next step.

STEP 3: Choose payment method on Vultr

After successfully registered, you need to fill in the payment information (Billing) to buy and use VPS. At the main interface, when logged in, select the button BILLING.

At the main interface, when logged in, select the button BILLING

Once there, you will see three payment forms, including CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL, AND BITCOIN.

How to enter information, you can refer to below.

  • Your Name: Enter the name shown on the Visa or MasterCard debit card.
  • Billing Address: Enter the address where you are now.
  • Select the city where you live and work in the Billing City section
  • Billing Postal Code: Code where you live; for example, Hanoi has a code of 10000; see the code of your province in the postal code.
    Billing Country / Region:
  • MM / YY: Enter the expiration date, for example, October 2024, enter 10/24
  • CVV code of Visa or MasterCard

Finally, select the option “I agree to the Terms of Service” and click on the LINK CREDIT CARD button to complete the payment card linkage with Vultr.

Deposit into Vultr:

Deposit into Vultr

In this article, I only use the CREDIT CARD payment method, the 1361 visa card.

After adding a payment method, I use the card, choose the amount I want to load, click Pay With Selected Card.

Vultr is a provider that gives you an account, or in other words, you have deposited, and when you use up how much money, Vultr will subtract that amount from your account at Vultr.

This is perfect fun, and that is they charge per minute, assuming you have finished installing VPS for about 15 minutes you do not want to use or during the installation process fails you can completely delete and only charge money in those 10 to 15 minutes.

Different from other vendors, buy by month or year.

How to create VPS Vultr extremely fast:

After depositing into Vultr, you can create VPS already.

Choose Server Location

Choose Server Location

First, you choose the corresponding server type, including:

Compute Instance (default ): performance optimization, using SSD, good CPU, full location, should be used to run the web.

High frequency: Upgraded configuration than compute, with higher CPU speed, slightly higher price.

Storage Instance: This should be used as a storage server due to its large capacity, SATA drives, a limited number of locations.

Dedicated Instance: Recommended for large systems that need a lot of resources.

Select the operating system for the server

In part 2, we will choose the operating system installed on the server; we can choose Linux or Windows. You are allowed to reinstall the operating system after Deploy comfortably.

Select the operating system for the server

Application tab is a collection of supported applications automatically installed such as LEMP, WordPress, Minecraft, ownCloud, OpenVPN, Drupal … here I choose to install Plesk, the free version can install 3 domains, I do not choose the application WordPress because you choose this application, you only install 1 website.

the free version can install 3 domains, I do not choose the application WordPress, because you choose this application, you only install 1 website.

According to me for many years, 1 VPS 5 USD Vultr can run 3 small sites with no problem

The Backup or Snapshot tab allows you to create a server from previous automatic backups or a Snapshot created by you.

The Custom ISO tab is used to install your own operating system using your ISO file; I usually install Windows.

Choose VPS configuration

Choose $ 5 for the new site, then scroll down to the name – label, easy for you to manage, and click Deploy Now.

Choose $ 5 for the new site, then scroll down to the name - label, easy for you to manage, and click Deploy Now

Depending on the purpose of use, you choose the corresponding server configuration.

After deploying, you are upgraded to a higher configuration and still keep the data, but you cannot downgrade.

Additional Features – Other features

Some other functions include enabling IPv6, Private Network, Auto Backup, Startup Script, SSH Key … you can leave it as default.

Finally, click the Deploy Now button to proceed to create VPS. The creation process will take about 1-2 minutes; then, you will receive email notification of success from Vultr with IP information, server configuration.

The root password you need to get in the Server Information management page, the Password section (click on the eye icon).

SSH keys

Want to configure the SSH key at this step? You choose Add New to add a Public Key; you can install SSH later; use the default configuration first.

Hostname: you have to set the hostname from this step; Vultr’s system will automatically change the hostname for you.

Server Lable: give VPS a name for easy management.

Done somewhere, you press Deploy Now to create VPS. Done this step; you will receive an email notification including the IP address for you to SSH or Remote Desktop to administer your VPS.

Install WordPress website on VPS Vultr using Plesk

Just a few clicks, you have a website like this video:

After watching this video, you have the first website in Plesk.

For the second website, you do the following steps:

  • Point domain names to VPS; for Vultr, you can point nameservers to learn IP.
  • Go to the Plesk admin panel to add a domain.
  • Add database
  • Up the code, if you already have a website or install it, you can choose .to install WordPress in that domain admin panel quickly.
  • Install SSL
  • Connect the configuration to connect source and database

Done… you have 2nd web, 3rd web similar.

So you already have a system of 3 sites in 1 VPS managed by Plesk.

Advantages of Vultr

Vultr has 17 data centers, so connecting from your home country to the data center is fast.

The first advantage of Vultr: In Vietnam, you can choose Japan or Singapore to be a Server, and the internet connection is quite fast.

The second advantage that I mentioned in the hardware system of Vultr I also mentioned above, the Vultr system uses a 100% SSD hard drive, so your data retrieval is smooth and fast then.

The third advantage:  VPS cost of Vultr.

Vultr VPS is very cheap, only 2.5 $ a month (IP6). Yes, only $ 2.5 a month for a VPS with a single CPU configuration 512 MB RAM 10GB SSD.

This VPS package, launched by Vultr, has beaten many competitors in the low-priced segment. And below is the full price list of the VPS Vultr system.

The fourth advantage is the ability to “Deploy” to deploy a new VPS Server of Vultr. Vultr is confident that I can Deploy a VPS Server in under 60 seconds; I was shocked and experienced it.

The fifth advantage: Snapshots are completely free as of January 2021. At the moment, you can create multiple Snapshots without being charged by Vultr – too good, right?

Snapshot on Vultr is like a Ghost win capturing your entire vps system and you can restore it anytime you want.

The sixth advantage is that you can expand your VPS server’s capacity by purchasing more capacity from Vultr for a meager price.

Disadvantages of VPS Vultr

Besides the many advantages mentioned above, when it comes to the disadvantages of Vultr, I personally find that Vultr really does not do well in customer care.

The lack of live chat and phone calls is the downside of this company’s customer service because these two methods help fix the problem as soon as possible and increase the level of trust from everyone.

New update in early 2021:

Vultr opens a high-speed hard drive service for $ 1 – 10GB; you can make a backup or merge it into a service you want; when deleting the service, this hard drive is separate without losing data, suitable for large businesses.

Here is the etymology of Vultr:

We’re excited to present a Beta of our second-generation Mass Storage service, built entirely with blazing-fast, enterprise-grade NVMe SSDs.

The Block Storage v2 service is launched in our Los Angeles area and will soon be rolling out to more locations worldwide.

Vultr Block Storage drives attach additional data storage to your virtual machine, just like adding drives to a desktop or server.

These drives appear with the virtual machine as a storage drive and can be used for anything you want using a physical SSD or HDD, including file systems, databases, logs, and copies backup.

Enterprise-grade block storage

Vultr’s Second Generation Mass Storage Service comprises enterprise-grade NVMe SSDs, with high performance, delivering outstanding throughput, IOPS, and latency. We maintain multiple copies of data for high availability and data protection.

Key features of Vultr Block Storage v2 include:

• Improved Performance – Throughput, IOPS, and latency are significantly reduced.
• Greater scalability – More flexibility than your virtual machine boot volume. As your needs grow, so can Vultr Block Storage: drives can be resized up to 10 TB, and you can attach multiple drives to each virtual machine.
• Dependent – Does not depend on any particular VM. When you destroy a virtual machine, any mounted Block Storage volumes are split and unaffected.
• Adjustable – Mass Storage Volume can be detached and reassembled into another virtual machine in the same area without losing data – either kept as a reserve or as a backup.
• Durable & Available – Block Storage maintains copies of your data, eliminating single points of failure.

Diverse network & electrical infrastructure

We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We eliminate single points of failure with diverse network infrastructure and power supplies by carefully spreading duplicates across data center drives, servers, and racks.

We are also careful to provide additional resources to provide services in a great steady-state and deal with rare component or network problems with minimal impact or not affect customers.

Proactive monitoring

Every ten seconds, we collect hundreds of metrics from every cluster, node, and storage drive. We visualize this data through powerful dashboards and alerts to quickly solve problems as they happen – and prevent problems from emerging before they become an issue subject.

Backup Vultr

Please note that while we do our best to ensure that we keep your data safe and stable, redundancy and availability are not the same as backups.

Our Mass Storage service’s strong consistency does not protect your virtual machines themselves, nor does it provide recovery from accidental deletion or change on your part.

Delete Vultr account follow these simple steps:

Before you want to delete your account, please delete all the services you are using and then send the provider’s support ticket to delete the account for you.

Delete Vultr account follow these simple steps

  • Log in to your Vultr dashboard.
  • From the Versions tab, select the version (s) you want to cancel.
  • In the top right of the page, click the Trash icon.
  • Click in the box “Yes, cancel server” and click Cancel server.
  • Open a support ticket to request the cancellation of your account.

Open a support ticket to request the cancellation of your account.

  • Wait for confirmation from customer service.

Wait for confirmation from customer service

Vultr will help you delete your account in under 72 hours.

Note when using VPS Vultr:

  • Always install the plugin to back up the website to the cloud platforms such as google drive, one drive …, although you can use Vultr’s backup for an additional $ 2 / month, it’s up to you.
  • Regularly visit the admin, do not need to visit every day, but should pay attention once a week to the remaining money in the vault (before the end, they will mail notification, but you should not let them remind:
  • Set up 2-layer security for your Vultr account; you need to go to your account settings and turn it on, so use Google Authenticator to change your layer 2 password every 30 seconds.


Everything has its advantages and disadvantages; this is a VPS provider I use often; I’m also using Hawkhost’s, but I think Vultr is more stubborn, so I wrote this article.

 Get $100

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Hope to help you new to VPS has more methods of installing a website without the command line or webmaster more easily, optimally, and ethically.