The Story Engine – How to help you make modern communication effective and economical?

In today’s digital age, creating content for the internet is so easy that we can be whoever, any skin color, any continent can be content creators; this must be where Smart business managers quickly know how to take advantage.

In this article, AZlifemastery shares some key highlights to help you as an individual or business owner create content or tell stories to support your marketing process; the idea is based on the book The Story Engine: An entrepreneur’s guide to content strategy and brand storytelling without spending all day writing.

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Content marketing is considered an unpolished diamond in businesses. It is said that the brand story is the most valuable asset that a business can decide, but most brands do not know how to take advantage of this wonderful resource.

Creating content takes a lot of time and effort. “How can we both run a business, produce content, and still have moments of relaxation at the end of the day”, is the ultimate purpose of The Story Engine written by Kyle Gray.

Author of The Story Engine book

Kyle Gray is a young writer but has owned a desirable number of works. Kyle is an inspirational speaker and author of 7 bestselling books. This writer’s books and cards have been translated into many languages ​​and are well received by readers around the world.

Ever heard of “inbound marketing”? This term is representative of a marketing method that is considered a trend in the digital age.

Contrary to outbound marketing (i.e., traditional marketing, which involves spending money on advertising, buying an email list, and waiting for customers to find you), inbound marketing focuses on providing high-quality content to target customers and attract customers to find the company and products in the most natural way.

The Story Engine is a book that provides readers with an inbound method of content making, that is, sharing interesting and useful values ​​to turn readers into potential customers and then loyal customers.

4 main content sections:

The Story Engine book consists of 4 thinking-oriented parts basic concepts of content, content building foundation, content creation, and content model expansion.

Part I: Introduction to content

In this chapter, the author shows readers the invisible but enormous benefits that content brings to businesses. There is a very standard comparison image that the author has for this potential field. “Content marketing is like a black swan in the digital marketing world.”

However, in a digital world where customer behavior measurement and statistics tools can bring cash, the effect of content marketing is difficult to quantify. That is the reason that content is ignored by many businesses and is not properly invested.

Chapter I also answers the question, “Which businesses should use content marketing?” Do not miss it.

Part II. Content Platform

Have you ever wondered what makes a successful content campaign? There will be no fixed answer to this question. The core thing that content creators need to remember is to build content that solves problems for readers.

Besides understanding the “pain” and solving that pain for customers, content for brands should also focus on building relationships with customers because connection is an important part of branding.

In this part II, the author also guides us through the primary and quick search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge, suitable for busy business owners who do not have time to arrange.

Part III: Content Creation

The author gives readers a lot of practical knowledge in this part III, from using the editorial calendar to creating email lists.

Content marketing doesn’t stop with writing. We will learn how to spice up our content products by incorporating visual elements to make every publication come to life.

Do you often fall into the “deep pit of despair” when stuck with ideas? Don’t worry; the book will show you how to become an automatic idea maker. There’s a way to be creative.

Part IV: Extending the content model

This section goes quite deep into content skills in the digital age.

First, content creators need to understand that content marketing is a team sport. The larger your content team, the more ideas, stories, and insights you will have from various sources. But it also means you must take the time to understand and work well with your teammates. Small swallow wings can’t make spring, but 5 people and 10 ideas can’t work together.

Continue with real-world content marketing skills. You will be provided with how to find and use automated email tools, statistical tools, or strategies to promote content with paid traffic.

If you’re a business owner or the leader of a content team, you’ll also find this chapter helpful as it shows you how to work with content creators or even content managers.


The book The Story Engine will be extremely useful to individuals and businesses in the digital age because of the fundamental and practical knowledge that the book brings.

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Like the book’s title says: The book not only demonstrates the power of content marketing, even beyond business polishing; Books also demonstrate the existence of a repeatable system – a science – behind the process of creating compelling content. This book will show you what it is, how it works, and how to apply it to your own business.

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