How To Make Money on Youtube 2021 Most Sustainable and Effective?

If you are looking to make money from YouTube or other social networking platforms like Facebook, you probably know the recent news that Facebook has blocked all information and is not allowing users to access the information. News all over the world in Australia.

What does this mean?

This means that social networks’ power has become even more apparent, especially that Facebook once blocked the former US president’s account while he was still in office.

You can imagine more clearly when a country has about 2.8 billion people. In a certain province with about 25 million people, they want to change the national policy of 2.8 billion takes place? …

The face does not allow users in those areas where 25 million people can use the services.

Now imagine business systems and the jobs that make money on these social platforms.

How To Make Money on Youtube 2021 Most Sustainable and Effective?
How To Make Money on Youtube 2021 Most Sustainable and Effective?

If you left all of your time and money investments at this social platform to run your entire monetization system and now the system is completely locked out, then you are in a bad situation. how?…


However, in this article, we will not talk about how we make money on Facebook or the social network issues. Still, we talk about making money on YouTube and being safe and effective. Make sure your trading system works the most smoothly.

Build a system where you can control most of the elements, and these social platforms are just the satellite systems that support your mainstream system.

In the article with a link to the tools to help you work better, if you buy the tool through that link, the AZlifemastery receives a little commission to maintain the system; this commission is not paid AZlifemastery. Still, as a paid tool provider, these are truly the best tools to help you succeed and reach your goals.

So this article will include 2 main parts.

  • The first is how we can control money on YouTube up to now.
  • The second is to create a youtube channel and implement it as content.

Ways To Make Money On YouTube 2021

While it is possible to make a substantial income from YouTube as a content creator, it’s not that easy as four hundred hours of video upload to YouTube every minute around the world.

Ways To Make Money On YouTube

Numbers don’t lie. As a result, the competition is quite stiff, making a lot of money online becomes more difficult.

Here are some effective strategies you can use to kick start your monetization potential from YouTube.

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1. Open The Product Box (Unboxing)

The new product “box break” video type is an excellent idea to make money on Youtube, the way it is done is relatively easy, and people love to watch it.

You record a video with a new item, a new product you just bought and unbox it, add comments, discussions, an action that provokes curiosity and interest from the viewer, sometimes just inserting background music. OK.

Common types of box smashing items such as phones, computers, electronics, home appliances, makeup, or toys …

Unbox Therapy is a very famous Youtube channel about Unboxing products.

Example: Golden boy Ryan of the toy advertising industry with the channel Unboxing Ryan ToysReview – in 2018 alone, the boy made $ 22 million.

The way to make money:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Video
  • YouTube AdSense

2. Review Home Appliances, Electronics

Online shopping is now increasing in the future with the growth of e-commerce.

Families increasingly need to buy and repair household appliances, home electronics such as:

  • TV, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner,
  • Kitchen space such as induction cooker, hot pot, water purifier, microwave oven, mini rice cooker, …
  • Health equipment such as blood pressure monitor, electronic thermometer, breast pump, black garlic pot, …

If you can review these items’ reviews, offer advantages & disadvantages, compare the products’ features and prices, and upload videos on Youtube to make money.

For example:

Although it is similar to a box-punching video, you should invest in thoughtful content that will give you more in-depth reviews and professional shooting techniques.

3. Video Tutorials

How To, Tutorials tutorial videos always attract a large number of searches from users.

The videos like: “how …”, “how to …”, “how  … to guide the viewer to do something.

A lot of this content like:

  • Guide tips in life,
  • Photoshop tutorials, computer tips …
  • Record instructions, a guide to lose weight, a guide to play musical instruments.
  • Makeup instructions, how to learn English, learn Japanese, how to draw pictures …

In general, you can post videos that guide all the things you feel you know and want to share with others.

Another way is to check out the online tutorials and customize your way to video.

Another great source of knowledge is the Tutorial WikiHow sharing page.

>> How to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Video
  • Business

4. Play Games, Streaming

That is, if you are a game connoisseur or good at games, you can play the game and stream it directly to viewers through Youtube Gaming‘s Streaming platform or other platforms such as Azubu, Twitch, or Cctalk …

Like football commentators, the streamers will comment on the games and video games they play or watch, guide the game.

The requirement is that you have a screen recorder, have gaming skills, and come with witty comments to engage viewers.

The most famous guy in the world is probably PewDiePie, with a channel of over 100 million subscribers.

The way to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Sponsored Video
  • Donation

5. Makeup, Beauty (Makeup & Beauty Video)

Beauty Vlogger trend – who shares his beauty, beauty trends, beauty tutorials through Youtube will still be a money-making trend in 2020.

Your job will be:

  • Record self-makeup videos, makeup tutorials, beauty trends, makeup styles like celebrities, …
  • Evaluation and trial of cosmetics, beauty tools: skin, hair, tissue, nails, lips …
  • Evaluate makeup styles, beauty trends.
  • Discussing fashion trends …

To evaluate this topic’s potential, it can only be said that this is a wonderful and sustainable Youtube video topic.

The reason why?

The human need for beauty and makeup is never reduced, both for women and for men. Trends in fashion and cosmetics are always changing, and you can take advantage of them to stay ahead of them.

>> How to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Sponsored Video
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sale course, makeup tutorials
  • Business
  • Make KOLs for brands.

6. Ranking Of TOP List, Ranking First

If you pay attention, video topics or ranking articles that compile the TOP of the best-ranking list (most beautiful, strongest, weirdest …) are always seen a lot.

  • The reason is quite simple: People are quite lazy to find information and don’t want to spend too much time searching for the details of what they want.

And viewers really like the videos whose title has TOP, most …

Therefore, the general lists of top 5, top 10, top 50, … even top 100 are always easily noticed, easy to SEO, and have very high views if on the right topic.

The ranking lists are endless; in general, you can aggregate everything you know, popular: entertainment, exotic, animals, movies, books, celebrities, countries, military, the …

Of course, this ranking should have some research or background because if you keep throwing any list, the video is not of quality.

>> How to make money online:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing (if you rate the product)

7. List The List

The topic of making this Youtube video is similar to the TOP & best ranking. Still, you can expand it further by giving information to readers: should watch, should know, interesting, funny …

  • For example, video 100 Pictures posing DESTRUCTIVE on the statue (People Having Fun With Statues) only collages but has nearly 10 million views.

Or type: 50 psychedelic images, 30 cool trick puzzles, 100 funny pictures.

Your video title and content should be associated with numbers.

For example:

>> How to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing (if you rate the product)

8. General News

News is a huge topic and has a huge amount of search both at home and abroad.

You can choose this topic to make a Youtube video, the content you can synthesize from major online newspapers, cut, merge, edit, and dub as you like.

I see many channels that re-up news video content from television stations, newspapers. You can earn a good income, but I recommend you not because of copyright issues.

A creative trend is that you can voice the newspaper based on the article’s content, or you can compile it yourself.

An important requirement for this topic is that the video needs to catch the trend, meaning that you need to release the video as soon as possible if the news is hot.

Massive news topics: news, showbiz, travel, young people, fashion … remember not to do politics!

>> How to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense

9. Review Of Technology, Digital Equipment

The power of video reviews, product reviews in general, and tech have a huge effect these days.

It helps consumers find out information about products, advantages & disadvantages, features … before making purchase decisions.

  • Partly because the value of technology is quite high, it is essential to find product information.

Technology items are very diverse, and you can choose which products you are using or have strengths: a review of phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, computer speakers, smart bracelets.

The most important point is the content of the video.

The requirement is that you must have presentation skills, knowledge of the product; you need to have time to experience the product to draw the advantages/disadvantages and features of the product.

These video reviews also require reviewers to be objective.

The way to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Sponsored Video
  • Affiliate Marketing

10. Reaction Video Reaction

A reaction video is a video where you record your reaction when watching another video, work, track, movie, phenomenon, service, or just something else.

In the video, you need to approach the work and experience, thereby expressing emotions, with comments to express feelings about that work.

The reaction video wave is growing because of its ability to get big views (especially when you react to celebrities), and it’s pretty easy to do.

But it is also a bit difficult to understand that it is clear that what is so attractive if the content is just watching other people’s videos, but these channels keep seeing so many views?

// Going deeper into understanding, it turns out it is related to human behavior such as the brain’s “mirror” effect, emotional empathy …

That is confusing!

>> How to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense

11. Video Recording Of Urban, Housing, And Road Projects

The trend of making videos to share information and images of transport projects, public works, high-rise buildings, industrial parks, or houses and accompanied by voice commentary is prevalent today.

With modern technology, which has produced Drones or camera aircraft, compact drones, sharp video quality makes it easy for YouTubers to shoot movies and take pictures.

Filming videos of projects and works is the topic of making popular Youtube videos in 2020

The need for people to watch, care and find out information is huge and clear; the idea of ​​making this video is excellent and sustainable because many new projects are emerging.

When choosing this topic, you need to pay attention to asking for permission to shoot a fly flycam from the government.

>> How to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense

12. Prank & Troll

Prank videos (pranks, make jokes, and see other people’s reactions) are videos shot for fun and, above all, entertaining.

And the YouTuber community has also caught up with this trend quite quickly.

You just need to think up a script to make fun of others and rationalize the camera and then edit it into the video.

However, this prank/troll should also be careful to avoid overreacting, misunderstanding, and affecting others.

For example, this type of video is pretty much; you need to search for keywords on Youtube: “prank,” “prank,” “joke,” “troll”, …

>> How to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense

13. The Challenge

2020 is a booming year for the challenging and challenging video genre …

Challenging goals are in the sky under the sea, from adventurous challenges to pretty pointless challenges … but these videos’ views are super awesome.

In addition to many invested and cared for video channels, many friends to become famous, make money fast have made challenging videos really bullshit, crazy, even extremely dangerous … for fishing. View, headline.

This is not recommended at all!

The way to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Sponsored Video

14. Explore The Country Regions

This is a type of video I really like to watch, simply because it’s like many people when I don’t have time or have the opportunity, but I want to learn about local culture, cuisine, people, nature, …

With this genre, you need to have a passion for travel, travel a lot, go far … and go to places like mountains, forests, rivers, … understanding rivers, streams, forests … to immerse yourself in the life there.

In general, go wherever you love and share the moment with everyone is definitely a video with lots of views.

The way to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Video
  • Business

15. Video Analysis, Discovery, Decoding

This is also the category of videos searched by many people and makes YouTube videos attractive.

Videos of analysis, mystery discovery, mystery decoding about a phenomenon, questions, places, certain animals … always attract curiosity and curiosity from viewers.

This topic’s content is extensive; you can learn anything and make your video, but remember to choose the content so that the most mysterious, stimulating …

Channel uncovers the mysteries in life that have no satisfactory answers, causing curiosity, even fear for people, attracting many views.

If you do not have the conditions to shoot the actual video, you can also cut and merge images, dub music, voice acting to create the mystery decoding video.

>> How to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense

16. Children

About children, entertainment channel for children, main content about toys, instructions to cook dishes, instructions to make toys, fun and popular challenges for children … with more than 5 million subscribers.

Making kids-themed videos with videos related to kids has great appeal.

// The revenue generated from Kids Content (children’s content) is an extremely fertile land. However, currently, Youtube has turned off the feature to enable monetization with the theme video Kids.

That is, the main audience to watch the video will be children at a young age.

This type of video’s success is that children are the most likely to watch videos on Youtube, especially when the video content hits the children’s psychology. They will love and stick with the channel.

You can do anything that is not offensive, wrong, as long as it makes children enjoy watching: playing with toys, dancing, making simple dishes, playing cartoons, or playing music all day …

>> How to make money:

  • Business
  • Sponsored Video
  • Affiliate Marketing

17. Making Vlog

A vlog is a diary you record by video and post on your Youtube channel; in the video, you will present a certain topic.

The vlog content is also quite wide, and sometimes it is easy to duplicate the above topics that you share; you can film home movies, review technology, cook, eat, shop …

Or like the early vloggers like JVevermind, Huyme, Pho … share their personal views on a certain issue in life.

In general, to become a successful blogger, you need to have an ability to speak, how to build compelling video content that is attractive and convincing to viewers.

>> How to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense

18. Go Back To Everyday Life

This is a pretty good Youtube video topic that I think you can choose to make money from.

You upload videos that record your daily life, be it shopping at the supermarket, walk the street, drive on the street, picnicking, city tour … or play with pets.

These videos are quite close to the viewer but easy to make at no cost; you can fully take advantage of the Livestream feature on Youtube.

Why is this video so profitable?

It is like a video on travel; other people also want to see things where they have not been.

If you go out on the street and return to the living, foreigners may watch a lot.

>> How to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Business, advertising

19. Guide To Sports, Gym

One of the hot and sustainable keywords is keywords on the topic of shared sports and fitness exercises.

For example: if you are a professional gymer, build a Youtube channel and share the gym exercises, how you can get a 6 pack body like today to everyone: diet, exercise regimen …

The girls can share aerobic exercises, belly fat loss exercises at home, exercise movements, and remember to combine background music to create excitement for viewers …

Jordan Yeoh Fitness is a top-rated Men’s Fitness Youtube channel.

Of course, remember to guide people; if you use yourself as a model, you need expertise, good bodybuilding, …

>> How to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online selling

20. Cooking Instructions

I separate this topic into a separate section because this topic is quite interesting and very attractive.

You must have heard of Food Blogger – food blogging tree.

Food is one of the most potential areas with many interesting ideas around cooking, processing, and sharing unique recipes.

Or you can post food experience videos in the places you go from street food, mountain cuisine, sea, foreign …

If you combine with Youtube to share your passion for food and make use of video monetization, please shake hands as soon as possible to create an “online kitchen” for viewers.

What are you waiting for!

The way to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell ​​the course
  • Online business

21. Tips & Tricks Life (Tips & Tricks)

One of the video topics that I can spend hours watching without being bored are videos about tips and tricks in everyday life.

Of course, these tips you can do about anything that will surprise people or help them.

For example, great PUBG mobile shooting tips, beautiful fruit cutting tips, kitchen tips, beautiful photography tips, and smartphones …

If you are wondering, check out the super-channel  BRIGHT SIDE about Tips & Tricks with over 39 million subscribers.

The way to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense

22. Travel – Travel Vlog

This topic is based on the idea of ​​14) Explore the country, but tourism is an extensive topic and very high turnover.

During each travel journey, traveling to somewhere in or traveling abroad, record movies and create the best travel video clip, remember to invest in the image, shooting angle, post-production editing …

Many young people passionate about travel nowadays continuously produce lovely travel clips, integrating script & music, no different from works of art.

The main content is still to record your footprint when coming to that land: scenery, cuisine, culture, people …

For example, a trip to the Northwest, a romantic love story in Korea,

This helps viewers love and makes sure your channel views and subscribers increase quickly.

Many people will search and follow the faces of many people who go a lot, take beautiful photos, record great clips, and have good video content.

The hobby of “traveling” to new places, recording beautiful images everywhere has made Nhi Dang a famous Travel Vlogger with investment movies.

You can visit her Lost in Indonesia video.

Or explore the Erik Conover channel to see how they build a video channel:

The way to make money:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling books & selling online.
  • YouTube AdSense
  • Brand cooperation

23. Time Lapse

Time-lapse is a prevalent type of time-lapse video that attracts viewers on a certain topic.

And because of the fast speed, shorten the time, viewers have difficulty taking their eyes off the video and watching the end of the video.

For example, video time-lapse about building a building, drawing a picture, assembling a LEGO toy set, changing the weather, …

You can learn how to use camcorders and time-lapse recording, or even smartphones have a time-lapse app to create videos.

Remember to edit, edit and insert background music so that the most attractive.

The way to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense

24. Animals, Pets

If you have pets such as dogs, cats, pigs, chickens … and know how to create funny and cute content, you should make videos about them that make viewers happy and excited.

As long as the video’s animals are cute, funny: a cute cat, a smart puppy, … your video will have a viral effect.

The way to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing

25. Video That Inspires, Motivates

This is probably the topic that makes viewers think, must follow, and listen very carefully.

  • How many times have you dreamed but ended up getting discouraged just because there was a hardship or someone said you couldn’t do it?
  • Are you secretly wishing you had a rich and happy life like someone else but didn’t know how?

Many people always seek videos that inspire and motivate life.

They have a strong impact on the viewers’ minds, helping people regain their spirit and determination to act after watching.

For example, video motivating to overcome difficulties in life, how to overcome laziness, …

Please try to refer to pocket the following 3 extremely inspirational videos:

The way to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense

26. Review Books, Stories

Video review of basic books and stories is similar to product review video, but we review books and stories …

Reading is a reading culture with a huge fan base in the world – books are always a topic of great interest.

You can share your personal views on books you’ve read, are reading, or advise people to buy.

In general, the video channel about books, everything around books and newspapers, besides that you can interact with readers who are passionate about books right the comment section will be very effective.

The way to make money:

  • YouTube AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising cooperation

27. Clip Of Music To Make

Do you know Vanh Leg channel with music clips integrating many popular songs and excellent video content? Vanh Leg is one of the most popular Youtube channels in the country, with a subscriber count of more than 5 million.

Although there were no advertising and PR, Vanh Leg’s music video products, every time they were released, quickly climbed to the top 1 of Trending very quickly.

Then why?

The lyrics of music, cleverly integrated with the video content in Parody format, attract viewers.

Of course, this type of music-making needs to think about making lyrics as funny as possible.

The way to make money:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Advertising cooperation

28. Restoration Restoration Video

A video trend that I find trendy today is to make videos to restore and repair old objects so that they are new in appearance and function.

For example, you repair an old motorbike that has rusted, an ax that has rusted, or a zippo that has been rusted for many years, …

This is also an attractive suggestion for you when you just need to know how to repair and recover a damaged object to make it as new as the original.

Make sure your videos keep your eyes off of the eye!

A Youtube channel of restoration on the subject of Restoration.

The way to make money:

  • YouTube Partner AdSense

29. Make Money On YouTube: Pull Visitors Into The Web Selling Business.

This is not that you make money from affiliate marketing; I will talk about this later; this is how you pull customer visitors to your website to sell products or services when to link. on Youtube.

Youtube is considered the second largest search engine globally after Google and is a video social network with many viewers. So using Youtube is a good opportunity for you to introduce your brand, business to sell.

Instructions on how to make money youtube from selling business

Step 1: Create your own video; you can review the product or service that you are trading.

Step 2: You can advertise your product or service in your video by Turn on the shelves. By turning on the shelf feature, you can create and display your products and services officially on Youtube.

To turn on the shelves, you need to:

  • Sign in to Youtube Studio beta
  • In the left menu, click on Make Money.
  • Click the Commodities tab. If your channel is eligible, you’ll see this tab.
  • Next, you will follow the instructions and receive the Teespring store code, then link that code to your Youtube channel is the complete process.

Affiliate promotion can be a great monetization opportunity for channels that offer in-depth instruction and in-depth product reviews.

For example, if you recommend a product and a user visits your link to buy, you will start earning commissions.

You can put these links in the first few lines of the description and talk about your link in your video content.

Posting affiliate links on YouTube has a typical similarity to promoting affiliate links on your blog.

Hence, you shouldn’t dump links over your entire YouTube content just for the sake of money.

Don’t forget that your visitors will only follow and click on these links when they believe you are a trustworthy source.

To build trust with your audience, help them solve specific issues, and provide guidance.

As a bonus, you can create a video offering the solutions you’ve worked on yourself before. Give your web link.

There are many affiliate programs for you to join. You can participate in many different programs at one place on the popular affiliate network in the US, such as Amazon, or you can contact individual vendors to request to be a partner.

The best step to maximizing revenue is to start a similar blog to your YouTube channel and add affiliate links to it.

That way, you’re monetizing YouTube and having a website on your own platform.

The first step to starting a blog is to get started with Hawkhost web hosting.

Hawkhost is a web hosting platform that many people worldwide trust; I also have many systems using this provider. You can easily read monetized blog posts to elect a supplementary blog for business.

30. Become A YouTube Partner And Make Money From Ads.

For many YouTube users, advertising is an essential source of revenue.

How to make money on youtube through joining Network

Ads Network is an intermediary that specializes in distributing and managing advertising content on your videos. With this way of making money from Youtube, you do not need an Adsense account to receive money through the Network.

Eligibility to join Network

  • Video content is not subject to copyright infringement.
  • Full video avatar image available
  • The title is clear and does not cause Spam.
  • The video will be approved if the total views in the channel are over 10,000 views.
  • Your channel should have 5 or more videos to confirm that you want to grow your channel.

As a YouTube Direct Partner – Google:

As a YouTube Partner, you make money in a variety of ways. You can monetize your Google AdSense video pre-video, channel membership, or banner ads.

However, there are some basic rules to follow before becoming a certified YouTube Partner and some prerequisites required to get started.

In addition to complying with YouTube’s advertising rules, you must have accrued a minimum of 4,000 hours of video viewing on your channel over the past 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers. Via Youtube

There is no specific schedule or format for these 4,000 basic hours.

You can get 100 hours per video on a channel with 40 videos or any combination, maybe video several views, have videos for hundreds of hours, not necessarily even to bring your total to 4,000.

For example, the popular international hit Gangnam Style took 5 months to reach 1 billion views. However, Despacito was not more patient when he reached 1 billion views in just 97 days.

Once you have hit the 4,000-hour threshold successfully and won a YouTube Partner position, you can begin to monetize your ads.

In your Video Manager, a green “$” next to your video indicates that you can now mine money on YouTube.

With YouTube Premium removing ads to viewers for a monthly fee,

YouTube still helps to support creators by paying a percentage of the total watch time.

However, you can not always rely solely on advertising to generate revenue for YouTube.

There are other ways you can bolster your earning potential on YouTube.

31. How To Make Money On Youtube Thanks To Direct Ads

Suppose your Youtube channel has a large number of subscribers and a large number of viewers. Certainly, brands will contact you to advertise their product or service brand.

Make money from Youtube through advertising.

It can be said that this is a way to help bring you the greatest amount of money. The more your influence on the community, the larger the number of viewers, the more money you will receive from the brand that hires you to advertise.

32. Make Money On YouTube With Sponsorship From Your Fans.

This seems a bit difficult, but it is still possible to do so globally, making a lot of money like this.

If you’ve built a loyal fan base, encouraging them to crowdfund your channel can help you sponsor new videos and make a profit.

For-profit and non-profit channels are leveraging this fan-funding with audiences to keep their video activity running smoothly.

As long as your content is interesting, entertaining, or valuable, you’ll be amazed at how your viewers unleash generous hearts.

33. Make The Most Of Your YouTube Marketing Funnel.

Optimize your YouTube channel for sales. Choose your niche, become a YouTube partner and start planning your marketing funnel.

YouTube is a way to spread your message, but you can make more money by using YouTube simultaneously as a blog.

That way, you’re collecting more email addresses and ultimately selling the product to your fan base.

For example, if you write a blog post about the affiliate product you’re recommending, reuse that content and create a YouTube video embedded in the post.

Then bring users from YouTube back to your blog and affiliate links to earn commissions and build blog readership.

Step 1: Assume you already have a personal youtube channel.

Step 2: You need to research the product, create a video, and select keywords.

Step 3: Insert Affiliate link

  • Create an affiliate link on the Amazon website or other networks by registering for the campaign and selecting the link creation option.
  • Place the affiliate link in the description or insert it directly into the video.

Step 4: Create SEO keywords. Several tools can be used:

  • Youtube Suggest
  • Google Keyword Planner

Step 5: Edit the content and optimize for that video.

34. Become An Influencer On Youtube.

Personal branding is a great move; if you are a person who has the ability to speak in front of the camera, you are an extrovert; it is straightforward.

You choose for yourself a certain life area that human needs need, sometimes just entertainment to make useful videos in that market.

You will be considered an expert by everyone after a while, and at that time, you have completely applied affiliate marketing + google ads or direct advertising products requested by sponsors.

Best of all, you incorporate a blog to make sure your brand is sustainable, don’t worry about youtube being deleted one day.

35. Money From YouTube Red Subscribers.

YouTube Red allows users to pay $ 9.99 to watch ad-free YouTube.

Even without ads, content creators can still make money and generate 55% of revenue, based on watch time. There are mixed reviews about whether YouTube Red increases or decreases CPM rates.

With YouTube Red, your watch time matters, so check out YouTube Analytics for stats like watch time and video engagement.

This feature allows viewers to join your channel by paying monthly recurring fees. As members, they will receive the outstanding perks of getting the badges, products, services, … that you offer.

36.Build Your Own Community To Value And Sell Support:

Members will receive several perks: badges, emoticons, and other merchandise and products you offer.

Some conditions to be considered using the membership feature:

  • There must be more than 30,000 people subscribing to your channel.
  • For game channels, there must be more than 1000 subscribers.
  • You joined the Youtube Partner Program for your channel.
  • You are 18 years old or older.
  • You live in one of the regions covered by the offer.
  • Your channel is not intended for children.
  • A large amount of ineligible videos is not on your channel.

Instructions for setting membership for your channel

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Proceed to access the Members page
  • Tap Start, then follow the instructions on the screen

37.How To Make Money From Youtube Through Youtube Premium

Youtube Premium gives fans more choices about the content of the videos they want to watch.

In this case, Youtube Premium will act as the person who increases user engagement on Youtube and helps you make money faster thanks to the content you create.

To make money from Youtube through Youtube Premium, you must subscribe to this service package.

38. Other Youtube Video Ideas:

  1. Video graphics, special effects
  2. Life advice
  3. Video animation
  4. Funny Video
  5. List of songs
  6. Make a short film
  7. Cover song, track
  8. Comic themes, superheroes (DC, Marvel)
  9. Eat up events, celebrities.
  10. Wild playfulness, foolishness
  11. Show your talent, talent.
  12. Review movie reviews, TV shows
  13. Strange idea: the sound of rain falling, the sounds of animals
  14. Sport
  15. Parody
  16. Review cars, motorcycles, bicycles
  17. Education
  18. School
  19. Interview other people
  20. Magic performance

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube?

Short answer: it depends on many variables.

Using ad monetization, affiliate linking, and selling sponsored placements in your videos, you can maximize your revenue potential. Perhaps this is the best way for many people.

On YouTube, you can monetize advertising on a CPM, CPV, and CPC basis. At a cost per impression (CPM), a typical YouTube user earns $ 7.60 per 1,000 views.

However, according to Google’s policy, creators receive 55% of the cumulative income from advertising while Google holds 45%.

If you’re using affiliate marketing as a channel owner, the advertiser will pay using different models – usually cost per sale or cost per lead.

Here, your earnings are directly correlated with the number of conversions and sales commissions you receive from advertisers.

You can also sell sponsored product placements in your video. Here YouTube users make money by selling short mentions or more extensive product recommendations about brands looking to emerge.

However, if you’ve already created a measurable follower base on your channel, brands will pay you. This price can range from $ 20 to $ 50 for every few thousand views they receive on your channel.

So, for example, if their video on your channel reaches millions of views, you could make many thousands of dollars.

This strategy is a better way to make money when you are not generating millions of views.

You Need To Master YouTube SEO Skills.

For video creators who haven’t yet made a substantial following, you have to step up your game and maximize YouTube SEO this year.

To do that, do keyword research as you would normally think a little differently based on what people are searching for on YouTube.

Next, make sure that you are using high-value keywords in your video title, description, and tag.

Once launched, you can check YouTube’s “Traffic Sources: Searching for YouTube” report to see what people are looking for when they find your archived videos.

In general, Google provides video results for keywords for humorous video performance, reviews, tutorials, and terminology.

There are also five main YouTube SEO ranking factors to consider:

  • Number of comments
  • Sign up after watching the video
  • The ratio of dislike/dislike
  • Video length
  • Clickthrough rate on YouTube search results

To SEO, you need tools; the two best tools in the world right now are Tubebuddy and Vidiq.

These tools help you easily SEO youtube from:

  • Keyword research
  • Market difficulty
  • Study your competition
  • Tag section
  • Administer multiple channels if you have many
  • Shortcuts help you get to the necessary pages quickly, save time.
  • Advanced tools give you an edge over your competition …

If you are ready to make a Youtube channel with millions of sub do not miss these 2 tools:

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Steps To Make Money Youtube Channel

1. Establish And Build A YouTube Channel.

This is where you present yourself on YouTube. Each YouTube account has a channel available. A YouTube account is also a Google account, and creating a YouTube account allows you to use other Google products like Gmail and Drive.

    • Create an account or use an existing account. Add keywords so others can find your channel. You can add keywords by visiting the Advanced section in Channel Settings. Make sure your keywords are relevant to your content.
    • Username helps you but can also be detrimental. If it is a short, easy to remember, and unique name, it will be easier for others to remember your name. If you use an existing account, you can change the username by editing the name on your Google+ account. Note, you can only change your username up to 3 times before having to wait 90 days to change it back.

2. Create Content.

Post quality and not too long content. However, this decision will be different depending on the content you want to post. Besides, you also need to post your content regularly and consistently.

    • Be patient even if your original content isn’t great. Always remember that there are days when you sharpen iron. Try to improve the quality of each video. You will gain more experience along the way.
    • Improve the quality of your content by using a better camera or trying out more effective post-production software or techniques. Besides that is changing the way you film. Use a tripod, ask a friend for help, or add more lighting to the frame. All of these factors create better quality products, helping you to attract a large number of viewers. If you don’t want to buy white light, you can shoot by a sunny window or outdoors.
    • By posting content regularly, you can maintain your following. Viewers often subscribe when you post content on a fixed schedule and stick to this habit.
    • Remember to tag your video with content keywords with a compelling description. Here’s how to get viewers to your video through YouTube search results.

3. Attract Viewers.

Several viewers are the key to increase your earning power. You need people to see ads to increase your income. There is no special secret to attracting followers; you need to create the best content and come to you.

    • Sometimes, people don’t like you, but it’s your job to ignore them. If you want to be successful, have confidence in yourself.
    • Continue posting content and try to engage viewers. Post your videos on Twitter and Facebook. Share videos with many people. Make your video accessible to more people on the Internet. Your followers can also become your partners.
    • Interact with viewers by replying to comments and occasionally making videos specifically for responding to viewers’ comments and questions. Connecting with your community will increase your membership. A simple way to do this is to show appreciation to your followers.

4. Monetize Your Videos.

To start earning videos, you’ll need monetization turned on. That means you allow YouTube to insert ads into your videos. Besides, you also need to commit that there is no copyright content in your video.

    • Go to and click on “My Channel” on this page.
    • Click the “Video Manager” link at the top of the page.

Click on the channel and turn on monetization.

5. Meet The Requirements.

You need at least 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months and 1000 subscriptions to start making money.

    • You can enable video monetization before posting by clicking on the Monetization tab and checking the “Monetize with Ads” box.
    • To enable monetization for posted videos, you will have to open Video Manager and click the “$” icon next to the video you want to monetize. Check the box “Monetize with Ads.”

6. Install Google AdSense.

You can install Google AdSense for free at the AdSense site. Click the Sign Up Now button to begin creating an account. You must be at least 18 years old to create an account. If you are underage, ask an adult for help.

    • You need a PayPal account or a bank account and a billing address and other information so that AdSense can verify your identity and the payee. You only get money for each ad click and a smaller amount per view, but this amount will increase over time. Therefore, having a large audience is very important.

7. See Data Analysis.

After you have posted some videos, have monetization turned on, and have views, you can watch the analytics section for relevant information. Click Analytics in the channel’s menu. Here, you can see estimated earnings, ad impressions, views, audience, and more.

    • Use these tools to see how much viewers love your content. You can change the content or form of promotion if you feel that it has not attracted the desired audience.

8. Promote Your Videos Elsewhere.

Don’t just post videos on YouTube! Make a blog, website or post a video on another video site or social networking site. Videos get as many views as possible.

By sharing a link or embedding a video on the internet, you will get more attention.

9. Become A YouTube Partner.

YouTube partners are members who have video monetization turned on and have a large number of viewers. Partners have access to various content creation tools and may receive awards from their views.

Besides, the partner also receives a lot of support and advice from the community.

You can sign up as a YouTube partner on the YouTube Partner page at any time. Your channel needs to hit 15,000 hours of watch time in the last 90 days to access the best partner programs.

Make Money From The Most Optimal YouTube:

Build your business system with the core of a website, and youtube or Facebook are just satellite systems, build reputable brands with good products and services.

Always back up your videos on your youtube channel; in case locked, you are completely proactive in uploading to other channels or other video hosting platforms on the internet.

Pull access to your website:

  • To increase the brand.
  • Ads
  • To sell products and services.
  • To get email
  • For affiliate marketing over the web… along with many other things

and remember that youtube is just a platform for your satellite.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Money On YouTube.

How much do youtubers make?

For thousands of YouTube users, this answer may be nothing or almost nothing.

For popular YouTube users, this could be a million dollars or more per year.

Monetization is getting harder and harder as advertising revenue can range from $ 0.35 to $ 5 per view, with a safety assumption of $ 1 per 1,000 views.

Channel margins are tied to both your views and your niche.

YouTube users in highly-viewed industries like listicles, news, celebrity gossip, makeup and beauty, and popularity don’t quickly reap millions of views.

There are also YouTube revenue calculators to understand how much you can earn based on video views and engagement.

How many views do you need to make money on YouTube? When you reach your $ 100 balance, YouTube pays you.

And can you monetize YouTube on a pay-per-subscriber basis?

YouTube users have just rolled out a subscription service for a high-following YouTube User.

Who is the highest-paid YouTuber?

Top YouTube stars like Logan Paul and PewDiePie bring in millions of dollars each year by monetizing their channel.

Whether reviewing and playing video games or creating engaging content, these YouTube users have to do a lot to increase their viewership.

Here’s a list of the highest-paid YouTube users based on annual revenue in 2019 via

  • Ryan Kaji: $ 26 million.
  • Dude Perfect: 20 million USD.
  • Anastasia Radzinskaya: 18 million USD.
  • Rhett and Link: 17.5 million USD.
  • Jeffree Star: $ 17 million.
  • Preston: $ 14 million.
  • PewDiePie: $ 13 million.
  • Markiplier: $ 13 million.
  • DanTDM: 12 million dollars.

How do I make money on YouTube without ads?

If you don’t make a lot of money from advertising, there are many other ways to generate revenue from your channel. Here are some of the best options:

  1. Add affiliate links to your video description to showcase products and earn commissions on every sale.
  2. Selling merchandise, t-shirts, and real products linked to an eCommerce platform like Shopify.
  3. Selling digital products, online courses, and e-books.
  4. Build your audience and get YouTube sponsorship from a brand.
  5. Use crowdfunding and request donations.
  6. If you are an expert in your niche, sell coaching and consulting services and are billed by the hour.

Is it difficult to make money on YouTube?

Making money on YouTube is quite difficult. First, you must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months to join the YouTube Partner Program.

You must generate multiple views and track cost-per-view (CPV) to see how much money you are making on ads.

If you don’t have millions of views, a great way to monetize your funnel is affiliate marketing.

You can rate products or follow product tutorials and put affiliate links in your video description.

That way, you can earn commissions on every sale and make more money than your advertising CPVs.

I recommend starting a blog and associating it with your YouTube account.

That way, you can promote the affiliate links on your YouTube channel and blog and embed the video in your blog posts for more views (and help your search engine ranking).

How much are 1,000 YouTube views worth?

There is no definitive answer to how much worth 1,000 views are worth.

Factors to consider include the industry you’re working in, the number of people clicking your ad, and the country you live in. All of these factors affect your average CPM.

Additionally, advertisers create a Google AdWords account to place YouTube ads, then choose their advertising strategy based on either pay-per-view (CPV) or cost-per-click (CPC) payments.

For example, you could get $ 0 for a view and $ 5 for another view if that viewer clicks on a high-value ad.

A general rule of thumb is to assume that you’ll earn $ 0.75 – $ 1.00 for 1,000 views if you use banner ads or $ 6-7 per 1,000 views if you use it. Advertisements play before your video starts.

How many subscribers do you need to make money?

Based on the YouTube Partner Program eligibility requirements, 1,000 or more subscribers are required to monetize your channel.

You also need at least 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months and have an active Google AdSense account.

Once signed up for and accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you’re allowed to set advertising preferences and enable monetization for the videos you upload.

Making Money Youtube Is Completely Possible.

Making money on YouTube is entirely possible, but it’s hard to make money with just YouTube. It’s important to have a platform you own like a blog and use YouTube as a secondary traffic stream.

One benefit is that YouTube SEO isn’t as competitive as organic SEO yet. If you can join now and start generating traffic, you will be in a better place in 2020 as the competition intensifies.

My advice: start a blog with a premium marketing channel, then join YouTube as an extra way to build your email list and generate affiliate income.

The best way to do this is to start a blog with Hawkhost simultaneously with your YouTube channel.

Reminder: here’s how to get started:

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Please use some of these YouTube monetization tips to launch your channel and build a huge audience this year.