How To Keep The Body Healthy and Fit 2021

This article by the AZLifeMastery is for reference only, and is absolutely not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. All activities should be consulted with verified expertise before proceeding.

Hello, my friends, Thiet Tien; today, I will make a video about a critical issue of health, overall health, or name this article to strengthen the system immunity or keep the body healthy and fit.

How To Keep The Body Healthy and Fit 2021
How To Keep The Body Healthy and Fit 2021
How To Keep The Body Healthy and Fit – Lose Weight With Science That Helps You Be Healthy Today
  • How To Keep The Body Healthy and Fit or what to eat to strengthen the immune system, or how to exercise to strengthen the immune system?
  • Of course, this article also how to safely gain weight?
  • How to lose weight does not affect health?
  • Or want to grow more muscle?

Check before doing this article; I am also very considerate because I am not a doctor, not an expert, not a health researcher to write down the knowledge already. Trust??? However, I do research based on reliable documents.

These documents are prestigious documents of experts not only in Vietnam but also around the world, especially the library of medicine of American experimental processes  :

In addition, I also refer to the document on human body Atlats – Alice Roberts, voted by the American Teachers Association as the best book on human anatomy at the moment.

I also refer to the document on human body Atlats - Alice Roberts

One of the very transparent documents will understand for everyone to learn about the human body and the dynamic mechanisms of its organs.

However, the first thing I want to say is that before you do anything treatment or exercise or health related issues you must consult a specialist, who has deep expertise. Be sure of this before proceeding.


Why is that because we each have a unique body with at least one single DNA sequence in the world 7.8 billion people are 7.8 different genomes with no one like each other and atopic the same is true of ours?

Therefore, you must consult your doctor before applying to your body any health-related problems.

This video has a general ability about whether you want to strengthen your immune system in particular or your overall health in general, you want to gain weight, or you want to lose weight, or you want to stay in-state with your body. Only block numbers fit, then this video is for you.

All of these issues depend on the four great seas in our daily routine of using our bodies.

I looked into these matters because we have the most amazing machine on earth that is our bodies.

You can see that when you go to the supermarket, at the market, you shop for everyday items such as electric fans, other equipment, and devices that have manuals, or even if you do not know how to use them, you will have to ask the people. The shopkeeper is here to let them advise you on how to use these products.

Why have we used our body for so many years but haven’t learned how to use it ??

Four big variables influence how the immune system is boosted

We can’t change the genomes and hormones, but we can change the variables below.

  1. Diet – breathing air
  2. Exercise regime 
  3. Sleep 
  4. And relax 

We’ll go into the variables one by one to see how these variables affect our bodies if we don’t keep them.

The first is the percentage of variables that determine our immune system or weight gain or loss process.

Many studies from a lot of experts that diet accounts for 60 to 80% of the ability to gain weight, lose weight, even decide the immune system.

But according to the AZLifeMastery researched and gathered from a lot of documents, the diet accounts for about 60% – 70%, and it is strange to exercise – sleep and relaxation make up about 30-4 0% in deciding the system. is our immunity healthy or not.

Tonight explains to us so many people just like they are born to grow old and then pass away they can’t stop practicing the regular exercises. However, they can still live long because So the exercise regimen is that we move more often, and normally we still have to move around every day that is a form of movement.

Nutrition – Air Occupies 60 – 70%

Nutrition - Air Occupies 60 - 70%

Nutrition is an important part of how we can boost our immune system? Or can you lose weight even if you eat a full stomach, or can you keep your weight at a great number of mass index ??? MBI.

And don’t forget the atmosphere where you live, the AQI air index is Blue – Yellow – Red or Purple Dream !!!

Talking about the dietary substances that we are concerned with nutritionally give me into the body every day.

Our bodies work because of the energy-generating nutrients that people call calo in the ingredients in milk or confectionery and what are in the ingredients and noted on the bag envelope.

Nutrition can be divided into:

  1. Macronutrients: Starch – Protein – Fat (Carbs – Protein – Fat)
  2. Micronutrients: vitamins, minerals from fruits and vegetables …
  3. Supplements that the body cannot synthesize

Talking about macronutrients is the main source of energy. This energy is generated from the following three main groups of nutrients:

  • The first is the carbohydrates – Starch
  • Second to submit protein – Protein
  • Third is fat – Fat from plants and animals

Carbohydrates – This is the English name for foods and drinks derived from nutrients such as fiber starch or sweetened sugars.

In every category like starch or fiber, or sugars, there are good ones and bad ones with the chemical composition of simple chains or complex chains.

We don’t need to remember it because its name is too long; remembering it doesn’t help much. We need to know a mechanism that we can apply to our daily diet.

If carbohydrates have simple chains, they are easily absorbed, and complex chains have slow absorption and digestion.

In the carbohydrates, we should add, or the main substance is starch and fiber, we should add sugar.


Because sugars are one of the few substances that contain simple molecules, so they digest very quickly, your blood sugar will quickly rise even locally, which will lead to the body’s work. You get a spike in blood sugar ==> Your pancreas will generate a large amount of intestinal insulin to bring your blood sugar back to normal and store an excess of glucose in your body into the liver. Into glycogen.

However, this abnormal increase in blood sugar causes the pancreas to “bottle”; even the insulin produced does not control blood sugar anymore ==> And this is one of the causes of resistance. Insulin and is the underlying cause of diabetes later.

Simple-chain sugars and complex-chain sugars, people call simple-chain sugars or bad sugars in processed foods like confectionery products. It does not contain any vitamins or other micronutrients for the body to invite-only pure sugar. (Similar substances in Carbs like these are called Hollow Carbs)

We should add the ingredients of fiber, and fiber is an excellent aid in the digestive process. Starch is indispensable, then. We eat rice, eat bread, and eat potatoes every day because starch Powder is one of the main ingredients that make up Glucose, one of the main types of energy burned for our entire body to produce calories.

The second is Protein – Protein:

Many humans say that protein can replace fat, starch, or fiber, but under limited conditions, we do not have fiber-free starches; what do we need to replace and The body must convert proteins into fats or glucose.

We can see in custard meat, even in fruits and vegetables with protein content, but they make up a tiny percentage.

The protein we often think of animal meats because this is the main source of protein for our body; in addition, these fresh animal meats will provide more amino acids after muscle. To load protein, the scan will split the amino acids ==> This is the main component to help develop muscles.

Under certain conditions, when enough Glycogen is stored in the liver, pure protein is broken down into amino acids to support muscle growth when we rest after exercising.

When the body does not have enough glucose in the liver, all the glycogen stored, the body is forced to get energy from the muscles; at this time, the practitioner will wonder why they do not see muscle gain, only see. Atrophy because the energy they use is taken from the muscles.

Typically people who practice a lot but have not muscled that big athlete.

It is cardio during resolution time; the amount of glycogen in their liver is no longer enough to provide the body to run for hours for a long time immediately to see how to get energy from the muscles and burn. muscle into energy for the body to jog.

These are also the basic mechanisms we need to understand so that when we exercise, we want to gain muscle, lose fat or gain weight or gain muscle or lose fat, depending on the purpose of performing. This makes us know.


The last important nutritional ingredient in dogs is fat.

  • Why is fat important?
  • Why can’t we remove fat from the ingredients of our meals?

Because fats are substances that produce 50% of the body’s energy, active fats are basic components of cell membranes and important components of neurons, which are nerve cells. Therefore, 100% of the fat cannot be completely excluded from the composition of the meal.

If we completely remove fat from the nutrients, the body will have to burn protein to create fat.

Where is fat made from? Fat is produced from animal fats or vegetable oils, or excess glucose after being stored as glycogen in the liver.

When you load too much glucose, a part is stored in the liver, continue to load the stored mass; it increases, it will have to convert into excess fat, pushing down to the lowest part of your body because of fat. It is a liquid ===> That’s why the belly is almost always the place to accumulate the most fat.

Talking about excess body fat, there are three types of fat:

  1. The first type accounts for over 90% of the body fat, the fat content in the blood.
  2. The second in our bodies is subcutaneous fat; you can feel your stomach right away to feel this fat layer.
  3. The third in our body is visceral fat or, in other words, makes the fat inside our body; each part can be absorbed into the internal organs a part of the mold surrounding, liver, kidney, heart … We can hear that the keyword from the fatty liver is visceral fat.

Of these three types of fat, the most dangerous type to our health is visceral fat, and not for every skinny person in a weak body, the amount of visceral fat is less, or if the fat person is the amount of fat. This visceral is so much that it depends on the metabolism of each body and diet and exercise.

Measuring the amount of excess fat in the body, we have the Body fat calculation formula of the US Navy (bottom)

Fat is important, but eating a lot of fat and the excess type of fat is dangerous for your health.

Fat is the premise of many diseases, from heart disease to type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes to cancer. Our body is unified; once one of the components fails, the other is followed by fault.

Like a car with thousands of parts, a few broken devices take along other broken parts and eventually the whole car.

Diet should be pursued:

The large part means the large amount to be loaded!

Diet should be pursued



Exercise is one of the important problems for the body because our body detoxifies a lot through perspiration, renewing the mind, thereby regenerating our body’s metabolism.

During exercise, our body produces many hormones, one of which causes our bodies to relax to give us mental comfort, which indirectly helps us. Sleep better.

Exercise is a calorie-consuming process that helps the body break down muscle tissue and rebuild those muscle tissues during rest.

The heavier trainees have to bear a great weight of resistance to the muscles, the more muscle fibers are broken down, and after we go to sleep, we are loaded with more nutrients, the more muscle fibers are rebuilt. Stronger => Larger muscle fibers => Larger muscle bundle => That muscle group is bigger and stronger to adapt to the process of heavy exercise.

That is also the reason why weightlifters and bodybuilders develop muscles.

Supportive exercise helps the body burn excess fat and helps you lose weight, makes the body firmer, and helps thin people gain more weight because their muscle tissue is larger.

However, the way we exercise plays an important role in whether we want to gain weight, lose weight or keep the body in balance; this also depends on how we combine with nutrition.

The training process can be divided simply by respiration:

  1. Practice puts the body in a state of Hieu respiration when (when he can still talk): Running mara, jumping rope … ( Cardio )
  2. Exercise puts the body in a state of Cavalry respiration when (When training cannot worship): Lifting weights … ( Strength training )

The process of aerobic respiration will support fat burning better than anaerobic process, anaerobic respiration helps increase muscle better than aerobic.

Do not forget the functional exercises (Functional training): flexing, stretching, increasing flexibility


Sleep is one of the indispensable things in this life, we can see 24 hours a day, and we have to spend up to 1/3 of that time for sleep.


So our life will have to spend a third of our life on sleep.

When we are young, we sleep more; when you are born as a newborn, we sleep up to 20 hours a day and only stay awake for a few or three hours to laugh with adults.

However, as we become, each sleep has normal people with no genetic differences who sleep 7- 8 hours.

It can be said that sleep is the process of recharging the body’s battery, the process of regenerating cells, removing old and weak cells, creating healthy cells; not in sleep, our body will reduce work. Body activity is a great balance.

If the muscular system is very active during the day, the circulatory and endocrine systems will be more active in the evening, and the muscular system is at rest.

At night, when the liver and kidneys filter for toxins, the liver filters and divides the nutrients we load, the kidneys filter the blood to keep the needed parts, and the waste is poured out in the urine.

1 day the kidneys filter around 180 liters of blood. Mr. Than works very hard

If one day of tiring activity in the evening you can not sleep anymore, it means your body is not rebuilt, not refreshed, not thoroughly filtered, and not energized for. On the next day of activity, you will feel exhausted.

The liver is an important organ in the body, making it one of the largest in size.

The liver is responsible for regulating nutritional components, chemical components, micronutrients in the blood and pushing them to cells that feed cells through the heart’s arteries.

Therefore, if the liver is not working and has decreased liver function, you will see many health problems.

The liver has up to 500 functions, but that is enough for us to have a normal healthy body when the liver is overloaded, which means too much poison enters the body.

For example, if you consume too much alcohol with a lot of alcohol, then you have to work too hard, leading to full capacity to filter alcohol, the liver will not have time to support the digestion of fat, you will quickly get sick—excess fat in parts of the body.

Some people who drink too much are about to lose liver function.

Because when they are overloaded, they will be damaged by liver cells, just like we use overloaded machinery without maintenance, it burns out.

We have a phenomenon called cirrhosis; we can no longer read into the liver blood components not functional enough to separate the blood components from nourishing the cells and following. Timing those cells will fail because they are not fully informed.

Is the premise of forming many mutated error cells ===> Cancer!

One of the causes of overweight obesity is that the liver does not produce the right substances to burn excess fat in the body.

That is why we need to get enough sleep, to have time for the liver to do our responsibilities and work.



Having a more relaxed college mind is one way to help our immune system function, so why is this so?

When you are stressed about work-related issues, immediately, there will be a few substances that affect the digestion of food and the process of fat breakdown—metabolism and metabolism of the active substances in your body.

Reducing stress is very difficult, and it can be said that it is up to each person to have a way to reduce their stress.

There is no specific way that applies to everyone and works for everyone, but only common mechanisms.

Then everyone should apply that mechanism to their own but in their own way and create a comfortable mentality after we still work a tiring day.

However, there are studies that we will have some stimulus to make us more at ease in our mind.

  • That is, we will feel happier reading unhappy stories
  • The chart feels happier because you are not the same member of this society; you will feel happier because more people will feel happier. After all, your compassion begins to emerge. Get up.
  • Next, you think about the great events that you have achieved. For example, you were complimented by your boss that you made sales in the last month; you won the football championship of the village and clouds.
  • You can change stress because by simplifying things, many people call it not being averse, that is, don’t over-desire a lot of things, the more we desire many things that we don’t achieve. Get more and more bored we are.

All of these factors are encapsulated in something called changing your focus. When you change your commonality to other positive issues or evoke gratitude, evoke empathy, you will immediately be less stressed if you are under stress.

There are so many ways we can reduce stress and get rid of our body that you can discover for yourself. Make it your way. Do It Your Ways!

The immune system is composed of the natural immune system and the adaptive immune system!

The natural system is that we receive it from our mother at birth, avoid common diseases, and the adaptive immune system forms when we are vaccinated…!

Tips you can do right now to boost your immune system:

Limit alcohol intake

Drinking too much alcohol weakens the immune system and increases the chance of getting pneumonia. Therefore, to protect our health, we should limit alcohol intake to keep the immune system healthy.

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

Eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, and nuts, legumes will help you provide more nutrients for your body, thereby meeting the immune system’s needs.

According to a study conducted in older people, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables improves the body’s response to the Pneumovax vaccine, which protects the body against Streptococcus pneumonia.

Get enough sleep and manage stress.

The harmful effects of lack of sleep and extreme stress increase the amount of hormone cortisol in the body, inhibiting the ability of the immune system to function in the long term.

Don’t smoke and stay away from cigarette smoke.

Smoking habits directly affect the immune system, suppress the immune system, and increase the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia in both smokers and smokers. In addition, cigarette smoke also causes otitis media in children.

Take probiotic supplements

Many studies have shown that dietary supplements help reduce the risk of respiratory and stomach infections. Fermented dairy products also help reduce respiratory inflammation in adults and children.

Exposure to morning sunlight

Sun exposure affects the skin’s production of vitamin D. In summer, you should be in the sun for 10–15 minutes. In some places, the amount of sunlight is not enough to provide the body with vitamin D. Sometimes; they also lack the supply of vitamin D. This makes the body lack the necessary vitamin D and increases the risk of sugar infections. Respiratory.

A 2010 study in young children found that getting enough 1,200 IU a day for a vitamin D supply decreased the risk of getting sick with influenza A.

Influenza A is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza A virus strains H1N1, H5N1, and H7N9. On the other hand, a 2012 study found that people with colorectal cancer that attempted to absorb 1,000 IU a day failed to protect against inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Use garlic in the daily menu.

Garlic is a center of broad-spectrum antibiotics and promotes the development of the immune system. Because the heat of garlic helps to cancel the active ingredient effectively, so add garlic to your daily menu.

Eat herbal mushrooms

It would help if you ate herbal mushrooms like shiitake or Japanese maitake mushrooms. A recent study shows that shiitake mushrooms increase immunity, helping to prevent breast cancer in women.

Use herbal immune support.

Ginseng is a very effective immune booster. Therefore, try to take immune-supporting herbs like eleuthero ginseng, Asian ginseng, American ginseng, or royal ginseng when you have an infection.

Use of echinacea alcohol

Echinacea is indicated to treat upper respiratory tract infections, colds, flu, and other ailments. You can use this medicinal alcohol to fight respiratory viruses that destroy the body’s immune system. However, when using it can cause some side effects, you should consult a specialist when using.

Echinacea purpurea root can be used to boost immune system function and relieve severe and long-lasting flu symptoms.

  • Soak vodka with Echinacea purpurea and shake every day.
  • After 4 weeks, separate the concentrate into another jar.
  • In the first use, scoop 1/2 teaspoon of the mixture with water and use it after waking up, about 2 hours apart.
  • After two days, reduce the dosage to 3 times a day during the entire cold.

You should apply 10 ways to strengthen the immune system above to protect the health of yourself and your family from dangerous pathogens, especially in hot weather and susceptible to this disease. (

I’m Thiet Tien – Previously Like an Addiction – Now less “addicted” then:

I'm Thiet Tien - Previously Like an Addiction - Now less

In short, what do you need to do?

1- Position yourself about your body in any part of your life

The 3 human organs that people are born with, these human organs can change according to the changing hormones, along with the 4 variables above.

3 human organs that people are born with

See if you are thin or fat, see the mass index: Here

See the body fat percentage: Here

See the total relative energy consumption per day: Here.

2- Purpose you want to achieve! For example, body fat 15%

For example:

Weight gain or weight loss? Base your relative energy consumption and then increase or decrease 500kl / day

Want to have muscle or exercise to put the body into anaerobic respiration? If you want to have cardiovascular strength, go for a jog.

3- Plan: 20 minutes of jogging a day despite sunshine, rain, spring, summer, autumn, winter …

4- Stimulate the brain strongly enough: If we ignore exercise nutrition, the disease will die early

5- And take action ASAPPY:

And take action ASAPPY

Lifting the POSTS and sweating, I want to see the torn shoes and the bottles of arms.

Lifting the POSTS and sweating, I want to see the torn shoes and the bottles of arms.


Never mind who laughs at words … Your body is yours, your life is yours! Hopefully the sharing of the AZLifeMastery’s Raw Belgian will help someone!

I hope the information in this article helps you; please share it if you find it helpful to someone, thank you, and I wish you good health!