Grammarly Review 2022 Really Helps You In Your Work; Is It Worth Using?

English is a world language and although English is not my mother tongue, it is a language I use a lot in my work and with partners all over the world.

Although there are many native-born people who can use English from a young age, spelling mistakes are still common and especially serious for non-native speakers who let me learn the language. English as a second language and usage is still limited, having a tool to help correct spelling errors and correct basic syntax errors is really a great thing.

After learning and using a lot of debugging tools from free tools to paid tools, so far I only use one tool, Grammarly since 2018 with projects my english project.

Grammarly Review  Really Helps You In Your Work; Is It Worth Using?
Grammarly Review Really Helps You In Your Work; Is It Worth Using?

I’ve used my main account and the group buys share accounts, but these types of accounts work well, you fix English spelling and grammar errors very well.

That’s why such a good tool deserves to be used and shared so that everyone can benefit from Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online English grammar and spelling checker that supports cross-platform Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Microsoft Office, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Grammarly’s outstanding feature is the ability to check and complete English text according to the context set by the user.

I happened to know Grammarly through a friend because I have a project using English but I am not a native speaker. You suggest or try using Grammarly. And I’ve been using Grammarly ever since (since 2018).

I often use Grammarly to check English grammar and correct basic mistakes. That’s right, the basic mistakes guys. Grammarly is not as smart as many of the reviews you read online.

This tool is still evolving. At the time I updated the content of this article (July 2021), Grammarly was much more powerful than before, the features were more complete and the ability to correct errors was also “smarter”.

As I understand it, Grammarly is like a machine language. The foundation of Grammarly is a huge source of language data collected and processed by the parent company, based on AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

  • Grammarly’s history begins in 2009, founded by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. The company is currently headquartered in San Francisco (USA).
  • Up to this point, it can be said that English is the best machine learning standardized language.

Among the current English learning applications, Grammarly is the leading digital tool to practice English writing skills. You can use Grammarly in conjunction with other English learning programs

This is the website interface 2022:

Grammarly- the website interface
Grammarly- the website interface

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly Pricing

Steps to use Grammarly premium account

To make it easier for beginners to use Grammarly premium, I summarize how to use Grammarly on a computer as follows:

Steps to use Grammarly premium account

  1. You log into your Grammarly premium account
  2. Open a text editor. This editor connects to the Grammarly server: it can be a web browser, MS Office or the Grammarly desktop app.
  3. Enter the text you need to check or upload the text you need to check. You can type text here or copy/paste from another source.
    Enter the text you need to check or upload the text you need to check
  4. Set the usage context of the text under test (this step is very important)
  5. Grammarly automatically detects errors and suggests corrections.
  6. You click on the position of the word or sentence that Grammarly announces to correct (1) or to change it to be more suitable (2) or you can keep it the same (3). These suggestions are highlighted by Grammarly by color.

On mobile, Grammarly is the equivalent of other input keyboards. Personally, I find using Grammarly on mobile devices will not bring out the full effect of this language tool.

As soon as you enter the text to be checked into the editor, Grammarly asks you to choose a text style (context) – Set goals – for the text to be checked.

Set goals – for the text to be checked.

The AI ​​technology is evident when Grammarly asks you to choose the context for the text under examination.

Started Now with Grammarly

Set Goals setting

Below this Set Goals setting, there is an option “Show Set Goals when I start a new document” you can uncheck if the documents later have the same usage context.

Or check this option when you have many different text styles, used for many different purposes. Then, each text you just entered will be suggested by Grammarly to choose an editing context.

Grammarly provides contextual spell checking

You can also change the settings at any time, by accessing the “Goals – Adjust goals” function in the vertical menu on the right.

You can change contextual spell check settings at any time.

How does Grammarly check English spelling and grammar?

How Grammarly checks English spelling and grammar

  • Critical errors are highlighted in red (pink) by Grammarly.
  • For semantic or punctuation errors, Grammarly is highlighted in purple (light, or purple).
  • Word repetition errors, like having 1 word but repeating many times in the text, causing a feeling of boredom for the reader… are marked in green by Grammarly.
  • Errors in word structure (word order in a sentence..) are highlighted in blue by Grammarly.

Grammarly gives quite detailed editing suggestions

Grammarly gives quite detailed editing suggestions

When you click on this spot on the text, Grammarly gives VERY DETAILED editing suggestions: suggesting how to correct it and explaining why it should be corrected, and how it should be corrected.

This is a point I find very valuable in Grammarly. It’s no different, you’re being guided by a teacher or someone more experienced.

Rephrase function.

Grammarly premium

Grammarly has two types of accounts: free and premium (Grammarly Premium account). The difference between these two accounts has already been written many times, I will not mention it here anymore.

Grammarly premium

Basically, a premium account gives you the ability to check longer text and more options for more accurate spelling and semantic detection and correction suggestions.

From my experience, Grammarly can do the following “jobs”:

  • Fix errors in prepositions and punctuation.
  • Correct the error of passive sentences.
  • Fix sentences too long.
  • The suggested word change repeats many times.
  • Vocabulary spelling errors.
  • Check for plagiarism

Summary of the salient features of the Grammarly premium account have many apps:

Grammarly premium account have many apps

1. Real-time grammar correction

I often use Grammarly to check the English grammar of a long text written by me on my laptop. I downloaded the Grammarly software here to my computer and then proceeded to install it. Sign in, then enter text into the test.

Grammarly’s text input allows me to type as far as I can (when the computer is connected to the internet). This allows me to correct errors immediately.

Errors such as punctuation, wrong words (wrong 1-2 words in a long word, but the wrong meaning of words, Grammarly is also “blind”), paragraph errors, word repetition errors, etc. are all suggested by Grammarly to correct.

You can also type the entire text somewhere, and then copy/paste it into the Grammarly Editor. In terms of the English grammar checking feature, there is currently no application or software of any service that can be better than Grammarly. Grammarly strikes a balance of three factors: price – features, and ease of use.

You can use a Grammarly Premium account in a variety of environments.

Grammarly’s text editor is also quite similar to the spell checker of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Grammarly will underline words and sentences that are found to be incorrect, and when you click on them, the tool will suggest changes to be made.

In December 2017, Grammarly brought the Grammarly keyboard to the iOS and Android app markets.

Plagiarism checker on one Grammarly Premium account

Started Now with Grammarly

2. Pretty high accuracy

Grammarly’s English grammar checker has been tested by many people. Otherwise, Grammarly would not have been consistently rated by bloggers.

To be honest, Grammarly’s English text checking feature is not new, there are many other tools that also have this function like ProWritingAid or Ginger, but the price of these tools is either too expensive or the speed is not. fast, so it is not popular, not suitable for the majority of users.

Suggestions for correcting English grammar errors on the Grammarly app

Speaking with precision doesn’t mean Grammarly understands what you’re trying to say. This tool only understands the rough side, but the deep meaning is quite “ambiguous”. That’s why Google Translate still ranks first in terms of “understanding what users are typing”, even though Google doesn’t have a separate program.

3. Easy-to-understand error correction instructions

Grammarly shows you text errors in color, and when you click on that location, Grammarly gives you one or more suggestions to choose from. But not every error needs to be fixed. If you see it right, then you can press the skip button (slash).

In WordPress website

In WordPress website


An interesting point, Grammarly “hates” passive sentences. When a passive sentence appears in the text, the tool will notify you. Perhaps this is a characteristic of Anglo-American culture: initiative (?).

In WordPress website

Grammarly allows building context for the text in need of editing, as I wrote above. In addition, Grammarly also allows you to choose, put in the My favorite dictionary a number of words that you like (or often) use. Next time you edit your text, Grammarly will prioritize the words in here first.

Grammarly will prioritize the words in here first.

Grammarly also detects word repetitions and suggests equivalent words to replace them.

Grammarly also detects word

Instructions for checking plagiarism with a Grammarly Premium account

Experience quickly the plagiarism check feature on Grammarly

One very valuable feature on Grammarly is the Plagiarism Checker.

  • To quickly experience this feature, visit , no need to register, then paste the text to be checked into the edit box, and press the “Scan for plagiarism” button “, Grammarly will evaluate and give the test results quite quickly. However, to see detailed reviews you need to sign up for a paid Grammarly account.

To use this feature, on the Grammarly text editor, go to “Plagiarism” in the bottom right corner, as shown in the following image:

Instructions for checking plagiarism with a Grammarly Premium account

Then Grammarly will automatically check the text and give a notification about the level of copy (unique 100% or coinciding with an existing text). If your English text has duplicates, then Grammarly will point it out, as you can see in the image below:

One plagiarism check result with a Grammarly Premium account

Started Now with Grammarly

Compare Grammarly with ProWritingAid


Up to now, Grammarly is the most preferred tool for checking English text grammar because of its simplicity, efficiency, and price (not too expensive). In the process of supporting you to use Grammarly, many of you suggested that I find another tool with equivalent features to Grammarly. And I found ProWritingAid.

Compare Grammarly with ProWritingAid

So Grammarly vs ProWritingAid, which tool is better? The quick comparison below should clarify this somewhat (I will have a more detailed post on ProWritingAid).

Compare Grammarly ProWritingAid
User Interface: Grammarly is better Easy-to-use design interface, simple and professional text editing interface, suitable for new and experienced users. ProWritingAid’s user interface is not as convenient as Grammarly’s. It will take you some time to get used to how to use this tool.
Feature: Better ProWritingAid Grammarly has fewer features than ProWritingAid, but it is better than ProWritingAid in its ability to check plagiarism (only works for English documents). ProWritingAid has some more in-depth features than Grammarly. However, ProWritingAid limits a maximum of 50 plagiarism checks on 1-year payment plans.
Error Monitoring: Equivalent. In my opinion, Grammarly is suitable for texts on general topics and underperforms for deep technical writing. ProWritingAid supports very well for descriptive and narrative texts.
Price: ProWritingAid is a bit more expensive. Grammarly’s paid plans range from $11 to almost $30 a month. ProWritingAid’s paid subscriptions range from $70/year to $240/year.
Usage environment: ProWritingAid supports more. Grammarly now supports both MAC and Windows, Android and iOS ProWritingAid supports all usage environments that Grammarly currently supports. Also supports Google Docs and Scrivener.
Customer support service: Grammarly is better. Grammarly provides 24/7 ticket and email support. ProWritingAid supports customers Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm GMT.
Security: equivalent. Grammarly uses Amazon’s (Text) Storage Service, so far no users have complained about Grammarly’s security features. ProWritingAid is safe, secure and complies with GDPR guidelines for personal data protection.


Grammarly Business

What is Grammarly Business? Introduction and guide to using Grammarly Business account.

Grammarly Business is a subscription plan for organizations and companies that want to use Grammarly in their business activities, create relevant media content and contribute to building a unified brand image.

Grammarly Business includes features:

  • Corrects text, grammar, and punctuation errors (as with Grammarly Premium for individuals)
  • Advanced suggestions to make the text shorter, engaging, polite, and easier to understand.
  • Can be integrated into existing document processes in the company or organization.
  • Create individual accounts for members of the Grammarly Business team
  • Centralized payment and group administration features.
  • Secure with 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
  • GDPR Compliant

Details you can see at:

Useful features of the Grammarly Business account plan

A useful feature of the Grammarly Business package is that you can adjust the text style for all team members, to ensure that all informational texts and messages conveyed to customers are consistent. A detailed guide to this feature can be found here:

Another useful feature of this package is the “SAML Single Sign On” security feature. However, this feature is only available for subscriptions of 50 members or more.

Instructions for using Grammarly Business account khoản

Grammarly Business account management interface and members to the Grammarly Business group by sending an invitation to join the email.

Group members will receive an activation email as shown in the picture. After clicking on the activation link, the member will the group will go to the Grammarly sign-up page and create a password for My Account Grammarly Busines group membership activation successful Grammarly Busines team member account interface

Common mistakes when using a Grammarly account

According to Grammarly announced, a Grammarly account can be used on 5 devices, with 300 documents a month (corresponding to 150000 words/month). You can view the details of the restriction policy for any Grammarly account here: when-using-Grammarly-

    Or up to 150,000 characters (including spaces) in 1 month or 300 text files/month.
    What is a text file? If you use the Grammarly for Desktop app, you will see small boxes containing text. You can create a maximum of 300 new cells a month.
    If you are confused here, then I would like to say, you can use it freely, because almost every little, very rarely when you reach the upper threshold.
    Grammarly is generally an English text checking tool. If you use it as a tool, it doesn’t matter public or private, as long as it works. You can install an extension (Add-in) for Chrome browser (MS Word), so that this tool checks grammar while still ensuring the necessary privacy.

    • If you use Grammarly as a tool for both archiving and checking, this is where the individual factor is worth considering. You want My texts to be kept as private as possible. In this case, account personalization is worth your consideration.
    • Personalization like?
      – Use your own assigned account.
      – Sign up or upgrade to a premium account according to your email.
      – Set password and 2-layer security, For example, when logging in, it is required to enter a verification code sent from your phone or a verification code from a code generator application like Authy.
    This usually happens rarely, but sometimes it happens. That you typed it but Grammarly didn’t check anything, just stood there.
    There are many reasons: because the speed of the internet connection at peak hours is congested, because of software conflicts, because you have just updated the operating system because you use 2 accounts on 1 device… and because the Grammarly server is upgrading. level. Treatment

    • Method 1: Check if Grammarly is upgrading the server by following the link:
      Check if Grammarly is upgrading the server.
    • Method 2: try to bring the computer to the cleanest and most stable state possible. Then reinstall and log in to Grammarly.
    This is a common error for accounts that are shared widely or when you sign in to the same account too many times. Grammarly often gives the message “Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts. Try again later“. This error, as I understand it, is that when logging in to multiple devices at the same time, many times in a row, it will be prevented from accessing by Grammarly’s “overload protection” system.
    How to fix: wait 5 minutes to 24 hours to log in again. If the error persists, contact the vendor for detailed support.
  • LOGIN CORRECT PASSWORD BUT ACCOUNT LOGIN ALREADY: This is a case of being “splashed” even though the account is logged in with the correct password and email. Most of these errors occur when you log into your Grammarly account on a browser that has used another Grammarly account before. Common fix: Clear all history and clear browser cookies, then log back in, 100% success guaranteed. If still not, you can see more detailed instructions from Grammarly at the following link: -my-correct-login-details Unable
    to log in even though the login information is correct
  • TEMPORARY ACCOUNT LOCKED ERROR: This error occurs when you log in on many different devices or use it on too many devices at the same time. At that time, Grammarly will send a warning of suspected account theft as shown below. Fix: change password.
    Notice of account lockout “Your Grammarly Account Has Been Locked for Security Reasons”
  • GRAMMARLY LIFETIME ACCOUNT: An account called a lifetime account is a one-time premium account and is used forever, provided that: the service provider still exists. Therefore, a lifetime account will save a lot of costs for users.

For Grammarly, there is no lifetime account. Check out the subscription plans here:   As you can see in the image below, Grammarly has only 2 plans for paid users, the Personal plan and the Business plan.

Not talking about management features, in terms of English grammar and spelling check features, these two packages have no difference.

The Grammarly Business package is intended for companies and organizations with multiple users.

So where does the Grammarly Lifetime account information come from?

Coming from the Business package. Agencies, companies and schools will register this package for internal use. When these agencies, schools and companies continue to use it, the Grammarly Premium package will still be maintained, however, for some reason, an agency/company/school stops the contract, goes bankrupt or change your subscription, that the Grammarly premium account will also disappear. (This is similar to when you use Google Drive, and OneDrive .. so cheap).

Therefore, the official Grammarly Premium lifetime account does not exist because the service provider does not support it.

Should I sign up for a Grammarly premium account?

Compare Grammarly Free accounts with Grammarly Premium

A comparison of Grammarly Premium subscriptions can be found here:

For the average user, the personal plan is enough for you to use comfortably. And you can use it on 5 My devices simultaneously.

For those of you who subscribe to the Grammarly premium plan:

To sync your Grammarly account on your computer: sign in once and use both the Grammarly desktop software (app) and the browser at the same time. And avoid being logged out suddenly because you delete history and browser cookies. You should do the following:

  1. Install the Grammarly app for your computer:
  2. Open the Grammarly app, and click the login button.
  3. Now start the Grammarly login on your computer’s default browser.
  4. Login to the Grammarly browser, then click the “Open Grammarly” button and complete the login process.

Open the Grammarly app, and click on the login button. Login to Grammarly in your browser, then click on the “Open Grammarly” button and complete the login process.

Note: The instructions above I made on a computer using Windows operating system and are suitable when the default browser for your computer is also the browser you use often.

In case the default browser (e.g. MS Edge) is different from the one you use frequently (e.g. Chrome) then you need to set the frequently used browser as the default browser. The settings are pretty simple, and there are plenty of tutorials out there, so I won’t go into the details here. You can search Google with the phrase “default browser settings on Windows”

Started Now with Grammarly

For those of you who need long-term and stable use, you can sign up for a Grammarly premium account package (share, the fee is about 90k/month) or register for your own Grammarly account to use, or upgrade to a Grammarly premium account from the free account you are using. Contact me if you need it!

How to login Grammarly account with backup code

To protect your Grammarly account from access you can enable two-factor authentication on the I’m using the account. Then, to log in to your Grammarly account in addition to your account email and password, you also need a verification code.

Below I share how to log in using backup code. The order of execution is as follows:

Step 1: After entering the password and login email, go to the step asking for the confirmation code, and select “Try another way” Step 2: Select “Enter a backup code” Step 3: Enter the backup codes then press “Sign insecure”.

After these three steps, you have successfully logged into your Grammarly premium account. An important point to note: need to log out of your old Grammarly account and clear your browser cookies before logging in to your new account.

Instructions for installing and using Grammarly to check spelling and grammar

For English learners, whether they have been studying for a long time or just learning it, writing English with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is still not an easy task.

If you go to school, you can ask my teacher to correct your homework, but what if you study at home yourself?

At that time, it will be quite difficult to detect errors and correct them, right? That’s where Grammarly comes into play.

  • This is a quick guide to using Grammarly on multiple platforms. I wrote a detailed and complete series using Grammarly titled [Grammarly Tips & Tutorials] on this blog.

How to install the Grammarly Browser Extension

1. Install Grammarly extension on Firefox browser

Next, if you are using the Firefox browser, you can visit the Firefox extensions page here. Then, you select “Add to Firefox” to start the software installation:


Then, a window will appear to confirm the changes that will occur when installing the Grammarly add-on on Firefox:

After selecting “Add”, Grammarly will complete the installation with a message like the below:

After you select “OK, got it”, Grammarly may still not work. Now, click on the Grammarly icon in the right corner of the screen:

Then select “Activate Grammarly” to launch Grammarly utilities on the Firefox browser:

Right now, you can explore Grammarly’s utilities on the Firefox browser.

2. How to use Grammarly on Chrome browser

The instructions below are made on the Chrome browser, other browsers that Grammarly supports are similar to install and use.

Configuration required settings:

  • Chrome (version 51 and newer)
  • Safari (version 12 and newer)
  • Firefox (version 54 and newer)
  • Microsoft Edge (version 14 and newer)

(Source: )

Step 1: After logging in to Grammarly, click on Apps on the left side of the screen to go to Grammarly’s settings interface. When you see Grammarly for Chrome, click install to install this extension for My browser.

Instructions for using Grammarly on the Chrome browser

Grammarly chrome

Or you can also download it directly from this link: Chrome Extension Grammarly

Step 2: After installing the Grammarly extension for Chrome, click on the Grammarly icon and then click login to My Account. (If you do not have an account, you can click Sign up to register).

Step 3: After logging in, click on the Grammarly icon. You will now see options like:

Install option “Grammarly for Chrome”

Install option “Grammarly for Chrome”

Please enable all these functions. In particular, to open the “Check for writing suggestions on Google Docs” function, you need to open the interface of Google Docs first, then click on the Grammarly utility icon to select it.

Next is the “I write in” line, you will have four options depending on the English writing style you pursue: British English, American English, Canadian British, or Australian English.

Options depending on English writing style

After that, you can click on the words “New document”, another interface will open and you can start writing or copy and paste the existing text to check.

Step 4: In addition to writing directly on the interface, if you want to check the text from the Word file on your computer, you can click on the sign on the left side of the screen, and select “upload file” to upload the document.

Use the Upload function to check documents from Word files, .. on the computer

Step 5: After pasting the text in, Grammarly will immediately check and display the errors you have as well as suggest repair options. For example, the example below has a total of 24 errors as well as Hide Assistant’s assessment of the quality of the article.

After pasting the text in, Grammarly will immediately check

Step 6: If you want to correct something, just click on the word that Grammarly suggests correcting. Like here, I want to fix the word “in” with punctuation errors, I can click on it and I can add Grammarly’s correction to the article.

If you want to correct something, just click on the word that Grammarly suggests correcting

Continue like this and you will have a complete article. If you want to download the article, you can click Menu and then click download.

How to use Grammarly on Microsoft Word

Step 1- Install Grammarly for Word: Log in to to open the app interface, then click on the “install” box in the Grammarly for Microsoft Word line. A new interface will appear showing you how to install the Grammarly utility in Microsoft Word. If you are not fluent in English or are too lazy to read it, then go to my next step, I will guide you as detailed and concisely as possible.

Grammarly on Microsoft Word

  • You can directly download the Grammarly add-in for MS Word here:

Step 2: Open word, in the “Insert” section, click “My Add-ins” to search for the Grammarly utility on Word.

Step 3: In the new interface box, continue to click on “Office Store” to open the utility store of Microsoft Office Word.

Step 4: Here, in the search box, type “Grammarly” to search. When the search results appear, click “Add” at the name “Grammarly for Microsoft Word”.

Step 5: Then, in the right sidebar of Microsoft Word, the Grammarly icon will appear with the message text. You click “Got it”.

Step 6: In the Grammarly section, the interface will look like this.

Step 7: When you type in English text, in the right column of Grammarly will appear a text asking if you want to log in or register. Click “Login to Grammarly” if you already have an account, or “Sign up” if you don’t have one.

Step 8: After logging in, Grammarly will return the results of the errors in your article as shown.

Step 9: If you want to edit, just click on the error that Grammarly shows. However, you should note, that when using Grammarly on word, Microsoft Word’s automatic spell check, save and undo functions will not work. Therefore, to ensure that your content is not lost due to unexpected problems, press saves content as soon as you are done.

Started Now with Grammarly

How to use the Grammarly app on your phone

The instructions below are made on iPhone (iOS), how to use Grammarly on Android phones does the same.

Grammarly app on your phone

You can access the Grammarly installation link for these two operating systems according to the following links:

  • Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence:
  • Grammarly Keyboard:
  • Reference link:

Step 1: Open the App Store application on your iPhone, in the search box type “Grammarly”. Then download the application and install it as usual.

Step 2: After the installation is complete when typing a message or typing a text that needs to be in English, in the keyboard section, remember to select Grammarly.

Step 3: When you type, if an error appears, the Grammarly icon on the left corner of the keyboard will notify you.

Step 4: To fix the error, just click on the Grammarly icon and you’re done.

Above are the entire detailed instructions for using the Grammarly Premium version for beginners on Chrome, Mac computers, Microsoft Word, and on phones.

With Grammarly Premium, whether your English is at a basic or intermediate level, it will be useful. By all means, who dares to claim that they can write English perfectly, right? I hope that my Grammarly tutorials above will help you on your way to conquering English.

Install Grammarly for Windows

The version of Grammarly for Windows or macOS will let you access Grammarly directly from your desktop with one click without having to search the Grammarly website.

Grammarly for Windows

To download the desktop version of Grammarly, simply visit

Once the software has been downloaded, you will see instructions to help you install the software very quickly.

Grammarly installation instructions

1. Editing settings

To change your My account settings, simply select “Account” in the left menu bar on the website.

In the Account Settings section, you can adjust your account display name, email address, Grammarly password, and the email address you want to use to receive the most up-to-date information from Grammarly.

If you want to set up a different experience with Grammarly, you can select Account and go to Customize.

In this section, you can set up your personal dictionary (add slang words, acronyms, etc. so Grammarly doesn’t mark them as misspelled), update your preferred language, edit your writing purpose. …

In addition, you can also make settings for text editing on Grammarly using Editor settings. This will allow you to turn off automatic jumping to the next edit, exclude text in brackets, or increase the font size of the text.

To perform these operations, you can open any document and select the three dashes icon in the upper left of the work page. Select Editor settings in the drop-down list and make the necessary edits to your liking.

2. Create or upload a new document

You can create a new document by selecting New. If you want to upload an existing document from your computer, select Upload.

You can also load another document to test after opening another available document. Just do the following:

Another way to enter existing text is to create a blank desktop, then copy and paste your text into the desktop. However, if you do it this way, the original formatting of the text will be lost.

3. How to print text

To print a document on Grammarly, you just need to select the three dashes icon in the upper left corner of the work screen and then select Print.

4. How to change text style theme

To change the text style in Grammarly online or desktop version, select “Correct with Assistant” in the upper right corner (if Assistant is hidden) then choose Goals -> Domain. Note that this feature only works with Grammarly Premium accounts.

You can also set other options like Audience, Formality, Tone, Intent for My text.

5. Delete Text

You can see all of my saved documents at If you want to delete a text, simply hover over the text you want to delete and select the trash can icon that appears over the text.

6. Recover deleted documents

If you accidentally delete a text mistake, you can immediately restore the deleted text. When you delete a document, a message appears telling you that the text has been deleted. If you want to restore, just select Undo in the message that appears on the screen.

If you are unable to perform My action again, contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you.

7. Load text as pages

Text formats supported by Grammarly so far are Ms Word (.doc, .docx), OpenOffice (.odt), .txt and .rtf. You can save documents as .docx or .doc using the “Pages” feature. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the document you want to convert to .doc or .docx
  2. Select the three dashes icon in the upper left corner of the screen. For the online version of Grammarly, just select Download and it will automatically output the text in .doc or .docx format for you. For the desktop version of Grammarly, select Export. Grammarly will default the output text format to .docx

8. How to disable some suggestions in Grammarly Editor

Note: This feature is only available with Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, and Grammarly@edu.

You can disable some types of correction suggestions in Grammarly, such as:

  • Passive sentence
  • Comma
  • Repeated and overused words
  • Word and Sentence Styles
  • Sentences that are difficult to read
  • Pronouns
  • Sentences ending with a preposition

When you see a suggestion that is not helpful, you can select the trash can icon to remove it.

When you see a suggestion that is not helpful, you can select the trash can icon to remove it.



How to use the Grammarly app on your computer

Online Grammarly Editor & Desktop App

When learning a new language, writing is often one of the most difficult skills for learners. Because it is not always possible to control all spelling or grammatical errors when writing in another language. Grammarly was born to serve that need. With its handy English grammar and spelling checker, Grammarly makes it possible to correct mistakes when writing in English in no time.

In this article, I will introduce you to this application and its useful features for users.

Grammarly supports users on many platforms, but within the framework of this article, I will show you how to use Grammarly on a web browser.

You can access the Grammarly website by searching for “Grammarly” on Google, or typing directly into the address bar.

Introduction and quick guide to using Grammarly

After logging in, the Grammarly interface will display as follows (applies to websites and desktop applications)

This is where you manage your account settings and My documents. You can:

– Upgrade your account and manage settings for My premium account.

– Change the email address associated with the account, change the password.

– Delete old documents and upload new ones to check for spelling and grammar errors.

There are also many other useful feature options!

1. Check out the new text

You can start working on Grammarly by clicking New on the homepage. If you already have the text you want to check on your computer, select Update.

After clicking “New”, you will see Grammarly display a new desktop. You can type the text you want to check directly where the mouse pointer is blinking, or click the Upload button to upload the text from your computer. You can also see a menu with an icon of three dashes in the upper left corner of the screen.

When you select that menu, you’ll see items like “New document” for creating new documents, “Upload file” for uploading files (with formats accepted in Grammarly), “Download” for uploading text documents, “Print” for printing, and items for text editing.

2. Text Editing

When you enter a new document or upload an existing document, Grammarly automatically checks everything for you, showing mistakes to make it easy to spot and correct. When the text is being checked, the Overall score section displays a circle indicating that the check is in progress.

I will give you an example of an essay. After checking the whole thing, Grammarly will display the following results:

Grammarly will give you a total score, a specific assessment for each criterion and error that Grammarly finds in your writing. For errors that need to be corrected due to grammar or spelling mistakes, Grammarly will underline them in red. When you click on the error, Grammarly will explain why it’s a mistake and suggest how to correct it.

The words, phrases, and sentences underlined in blue are the parts that are not wrong, but Grammarly thinks they are worded poorly or could be phrased in a better way. If you don’t like Grammarly’s suggestions for fixing, you can select the trash can icon in the fix section to delete it.

Grammarly often details the grading criteria for a text. If you want to know more about a criterion, just click on it. And if you want to better understand why Grammarly recommends such a text modification, select the “Learn more” section in the error correction section.

For example, in the example text, Grammarly thinks the text is a bit unclear, so I looked where it was not clear and after selecting that item, I got the following results:

If you feel the suggestion is not useful, you can select the trash can button to delete it as instructed above or click the ellipsis, if you see the words “Turn off suggestions like this”, select it.

Once selected, the same suggestions will disappear. To re-enable them, just select the icon next to All alerts and select “Turn back on”. However, this feature only works with Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business accounts, and users with education (.edu) accounts.

3. Text Format

When you create a new document or copy text into Grammarly, you can format My text by bolding, italicizing, or underlining the text; create lists; create H1 and H2 headings; link… using the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You can also remove all formatting in a specific document by highlighting and selecting Clear Formatting also located on the toolbar.

There’s a small caveat to this: If you upload My text to Grammarly, the site’s formatting options will be disabled to preserve the original text’s existing formatting.

You’ll see My text show up as raw text in Grammarly, but after you’ve finished checking and editing, you can download it back to your computer and the original formatting will be preserved.

4. Define the purpose and style of the text

If you are practicing writing then you can set a specific goal for My writing. Grammarly can help you do just that! Just select the Goals item in the right menu, then select the parameters and conditions you want to achieve. Very simple, right? This feature is available for both free and premium accounts, but free accounts are restricted to the “Domain” section.

5. Some other settings

You can further tweak some of my experiences with Grammarly such as turning off auto-jumping to the next correction, excluding text in brackets, increasing the font size in the text… To do that, you select the three dashes icon in the upper left corner of the screen, select the Editor settings item and toggle the options as you like.

Note that excluding text in brackets is only available on Grammarly online and the Grammarly desktop app.

6. Download checked text finished

Once you’re done checking and editing, you can copy the text or download it. If you type the text yourself or copy it from somewhere else, Grammarly will set the default format for the downloaded text to be docx.

If you download existing text from your computer, Grammarly will output it for you in the same format as it was originally.

Alternatively, you can view your text evaluation parameters by selecting the Overall score. This section will provide a lot of useful information about the text such as word count, word length, sentence length, vocabulary, and grammar usage along with a general ground assessment. You can download a PDF containing those metrics to compare and track your progress.

7. Check for plagiarism

Check for plagiarism

This is a feature exclusive to Grammarly premium users. If you are writing a report, thesis, or graduate thesis, checking for plagiarism is extremely important.

You just need to select Plagiarism in the bottom right corner. The software will scan your document and compare it with hundreds of thousands of other documents to check the duplicate level of the text you are checking.

8. Additional Support Services

This is a unique feature that allows you to submit My articles to a team of experts for review and response in your requested time. To send a text, just select Get Expert Writing Help above the Plagiarism section and then choose a time and price that suits your conditions and situation.

If you choose “Correctness only”, our team of experts will only correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors for you.

If you choose “Correctness and Clarity”, the experts not only correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, but also make your text easier to read, shorter and clearer. Of course, this option will cost a lot more and the request time will be longer than the “Correctness only” option.

FAQ: How to use Grammarly to check spelling and grammar

When you start writing, Grammarly will automatically check your text and the Overall score icon will move in a circle to show that Grammarly is checking. You just keep writing and write wherever Grammarly will check right there.

How to use Grammarly to check spelling and grammar of English text

Grammarly’s feedback section is broken down into four subsections to help you better understand each of Grammarly’s correction suggestions. Those items are Correctness, Clarity, Delivery, and Engagement.

After examining your text, Grammarly will recommend the necessary changes according to each item. Redbrick corresponds to spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors; Green brick corresponds to clarity and accuracy.

  • Grammarly Premium users in addition to blue correction suggestions to make your writing more attractive, there are also purple correction suggestions, to help you create a text that needs to include formal elements, polite and friendly.

Changes in your text will be automatically saved by Grammarly, so you won’t need to worry about losing track of the text you’re editing if something goes wrong with your computer.

1. Enable/disable text editing suggestions on Grammarly?

You can choose to see only certain suggestions. To view correctness, clarity, delivery, and appeal, respectively, simply select the name of the I want to see an item in the toolbar on the right.

For example, in the image above, I just wanted to check for accuracy, so I chose this function and as a result Grammarly only shows spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

If you’re a Premium, Business, or Grammarly@edu user, you can also disable a few suggestions in Grammarly including:

  • Change Passive Sentence
  • Check for dot and comma
  • Repeated words
  • Replace equivalent word
  • Fix difficult sentences
  • Change personal pronouns
  • Check prepositions

When you feel a suggestion isn’t helpful, select the three dots in the lower right corner of the suggestions card in Grammarly and select Turn off suggestions like this.

However, this option is only available for disableable suggestions, not all suggestions, and is only available on Premium, Business, or Grammarly@edu accounts.

2. How to stop Grammarly from checking the text in brackets?

Sometimes in the process of writing, you use some quotes and in those quotes, there are slang words or acronyms that Grammarly misunderstands as a mistake in terms of grammar, spelling, or content.

You can adjust the text settings to prevent Grammarly from checking text inside quotation marks. However, this setting is currently only available in the computer version of Grammarly Editor.

To have Grammarly not suggest corrections for text inside brackets, simply select the three dashes icon in the upper-left corner of the workspace, then select Editor settings. In the window that opens, just turn on the don’t check the text inside quotes option.

When you enable this setting, Grammarly will not mark text in brackets as misspelling or grammatical. However, those parts of the text will still be checked for plagiarism.

3. Can Grammarly check my writing fluency?

If you use a premium account, Grammarly can help you check the fluency of your writing by offering personalized suggestions. You can enable fluency test suggestions by selecting Sound more fluent during registration. If you already have an account, follow these steps:

Sign in to your account at

  1. Select Account > Customize
  2. Under Language Settings, select My native language (this will help Grammarly tailor suggestions to you)
  3. Then turn on the I want fluency assistance option in the same table.

Note: Suggestions related to writing fluency will not be displayed if you select English as my native language. If you choose any other language, you can see suggestions for adjusting fluency in Grammarly Editor (desktop) and Grammarly extension settings (browser).

Suggestions for correcting fluency in the written text will be given a special label. If you use Grammarly Editor, the label will look like this:

For Grammarly’s browser extension settings, simply select the word Grammarly icon in the lower right corner to open the Grammarly toolbar; and you’ll see a label labeled Common issue for multilingual speakers.

4. Publish the finished text?

When you’re done editing, you can copy the text to the clipboard or download it.

If you start editing text by uploading a new document, Grammarly will output the text in the same format you uploaded (for example, if you upload a .doc file, the Grammarly text will be downloaded). as .doc). However, if you upload a .txt file it will be output as a .docx file.

5. Check for plagiarism?

If you sign up for a Premium account or a Business account, you can check your text for plagiarism. You just need to click on the Plagiarism option in the lower right corner.

When Grammarly checks your text for plagiarism, it provides reference data corresponding to three different citation styles:

  • Modern Language Association (MLA) – Modern Language Association (rough translation).
  • American Psychological Association (APA) – American Psychological Association (rough translation).
  • Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian) – Chicago citation style (rough translation).

Simply click on the link provided in the suggestions tab and Grammarly will automatically redirect you to a website that provides the necessary templates to source your text.

Some of you reflect that the plagiarism check feature on Grammarly is not really accurate and meets the strict requirements of users. However, I have not tested it thoroughly, so I will not draw conclusions here.

6. What is a “performance” score and how is it calculated?

The performance score will show how accurate your text compares to other texts written by Grammarly users.

To calculate the performance score, Grammarly will calculate the accuracy of the text based on the total number of words and the number of errors found.

Grammarly will then compare that accuracy with the accuracy of all other texts that have the same goal as you. For example, in the image below, you scored 84, which means your writing is more accurate than the writing of 84% of other people with the same goal as me.

For more clarity on the performance score evaluation criteria, simply select the Overall score. In the window that opens, Grammarly has very clearly divided the evaluation criteria according to each item along with the data that the software obtains from your article.

7. Choose the context for the text to be checked?

Note: This feature is only available to Grammarly Premium users.

You can choose the most appropriate text context for your article so that Grammarly can give the most accurate and relevant suggestions. Grammarly Premium includes six types of text contexts as follows:

  • General (Overview)
  • Academic (Academic)
  • Business (Business)
  • Email
  • Creative (Creative)
  • Casual (Casual)

To select a context, click Goals. The default context in Grammarly is General.

All text context styles apply most of Grammarly’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction procedures above. Below is a list of text styles in order from most formal to most popular.


Academic is the most stereotypical type of writing when it comes to writing. Grammarly will often prioritize correcting errors such as passive sentences, shortening sentences, inappropriate personal pronouns.


This style of writing also focuses on formal errors in the text, but it allows some common phrases and personal pronouns and unclear antecedents (such as This is, that is… ).


This is the default style and the error catch is medium.


This category is similar to the General category, which makes your email more attractive to readers. In addition to catching grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, this style of writing also points out abuses of language that can upset the reader.


This is a context designed for common text styles and ignores most errors in other contexts. When you choose this context, Grammarly will not point out errors in passive sentences, informal pronouns, or run-on sentences (sentences with two or more independent clauses but without proper punctuation or conjunctions). well suited). This context is suitable for normal communications.


This is the most flexible context. Although it still catches errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, it still ignores those who deliberately want to change the grammatical structure to achieve certain creative effects. It also does not highlight missing elements in a sentence (subject or verb), too long sentences, colloquial language, passive voice, incomplete comparisons, etc.

8. Add and remove words from Personal Dictionary?

If you want Grammarly not to catch a particular spelling mistake, you can add words to your personal dictionary by clicking the Add to dictionary button. When you select this button, the word will be added to your personal dictionary and Grammarly will not consider it a mistake in future documents.

You can access your personal dictionary at any time to add or remove words. You can also add any word that you don’t want Grammarly to treat as a mistake. To access this feature, go to Account and select Customize. To add a word to the dictionary, simply type the word and click Add.

To remove a word from the dictionary, simply hover over the word and click on the trash can icon that appears to the right of it.

9. Download the report of the document’s parameters as a PDF?

You can view the statistics of your text by clicking Overall score. In this section, you will find a lot of useful information about the text including the total number of words and the number of characters the text has. If you want to download a report as a PDF, simply select Download PDF Report in the window that opens.

10. Text Format?

If you copy and paste the preformatted text into Grammarly Editor, the following formatting will be preserved:

  • Bold and italic text
  • Numbering and bullet points
  • H1 and H2. tags
  • Path

To be able to keep all the original formatting of the text, use the Upload button to upload the text to the Grammarly Editor, then Download to download the text after it has been edited. While your text will appear as raw text in Grammarly Editor, the original formatting will be preserved once you download it. Remember that when you choose to upload text, the formatting provided in Grammarly will be disabled.

Grammarly Editor supports the following text formats: MS Word (.doc, .docx), OpenOffice (.odt), .txt, and .rtf

11. See synonyms and improve vocabulary?

You can see synonyms for most words in My documents by double-clicking on any word in the text in the Grammarly Editor. When you are working on different websites, you can install the Grammarly browser extension and do the same thing.

Note: This feature is not available with Grammarly for Microsoft Office (for Windows users) or Grammarly for Microsoft Word on Mac.

12. How to uninstall the Grammarly app on your computer?

To remove the Grammarly application from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start
  2. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features
  3. Find Grammarly, right-click and select Uninstall


Started Now with Grammarly

If you are a regular user of English, even if you are a native speaker, Grammarly is still necessary for work.

There are many other tools in the world, but I recommend this useful tool.