What is The Email Marketing Cheapest 2022?

mail marketing is one of the tools to help you connect with the indispensable customers in your digital-age marketing system.

Although the traffic from email marketing back to your website system or sales pages is not much, the conversion rate is extremely high because these are the customers who have actually linked to and received useful information from you.

This means that your email subscribers are more likely to become loyal customers when you take care of them for a long time.

However, there are many types of email marketing software out there around the internet and at a high cost if you are an individual or a business starting to step into the process of building your customers.

What is The Email Marketing Cheapest?
What is The Email Marketing Cheapest ?

But there are email marketing services that are extremely affordable for individuals and small businesses; even with a minimum cost, you can completely build yourself a special customer relationship to develop later add value to your customers and sell more of your premium products.

In this article, we will learn about marketing services with all the basic functional needs that help you create the connection between the company’s products and services to customers while the cost is at a cost—lowest fee.

In the scope of this article, we will discuss two things:

The first is to identify our real needs and current skills and how you want your marketing system to function.

  • If the general criterion is to save money and you should have a little background in computers and capabilities but adjust the software at a basic level. You absolutely can use a single purchase email marketing software: Sendy.
  • Second is still with the best price, and you do not have much technical technology and can not customize deeply to intervene in matters such as hosting or website; you can also use email marketing services. The current minimum value is still enough to meet your small needs.

1. Sendy

Sendy Website 2022
Sendy Website 2022

To date, most of the email marketing solutions, and all four on this list below, are “software as a service” (SaaS) tools that require you to pay a free monthly fee you want to use the service.

Sendy is a self-hosted application that you can install on your own server (just like WordPress self-hosting). It then allows you to send email using Amazon’s Cloud-based Simple Email Service (SES) or use another third-party SMTP for a meager cost.

Main function

  • Unlimited email sending via Amazon SES
  • Set up automatic emails, which will send responses to specific triggers
  • Segment your list and send targeted emails to specific audiences
  • Store custom information about your subscribers and use that information to personalize messages as needed
  • View detailed analytics reports on your campaign metrics

Sendy Pricing

Sendy has increased the one-time purchase price; previously, to buy Sendy software, you would have to pay a one-time price of 59 dollars, but at the moment, in 2021, you need to buy a one-time for 69 USD. Then there are no ongoing fees to use the Sendy software.

However, to send an email from Sendy, you also need to sign up for the Amazon SES service. This service is still quite cheap, costing only $ 1 for every 10,000 emails you send.

Sendy is a good choice if …

In the long run, Sendy is the cheapest email marketing software on our list, which makes it the budget-conscious best option, especially if you need to spend a lot of emails.

It also offers a lot of control and flexibility, as you can use the software the way you want and don’t have to pay attention to a particular service.

You need a little bit of technicality. Below this article, you will find a basic and easy guide to setting up Sendy with a free or extremely low-cost SMTP system.

2. MailerLite (www.mailerlite.com)


While MailerLite is one of the cheapest email marketing software tools you can find, it still manages to offer a comprehensive package.

This service helps you go through every step of your campaign, including building and sending emails and designing landing pages for interested recipients.

Main function

  • Designing emails using a drag and drop builder requires no coding experience.
  • Automate your email campaigns and create custom workflows
  • Track your engagement rates with easy-to-understand analytical reports
  • Easily create pop-ups and landing pages to engage subscribers and turn them into customers.

MailerLite pricing

When it comes to costs, MailerLite keeps things simple. All of its plans include the same set of features and allow for unlimited emails per month.

The only difference between the levels is the number of subscribers you can have.

The free plan allows you to have up to 1,000 subscribers and has an option of $ 15 per month, including up to 2,500 subscribers.

MailerLite is a good choice if …

Overall, MailerLite is one of the best and most comprehensive options out there.

It offers plenty of help to create emails, manage lists and automate your campaigns while keeping costs low.

Alternatively, this is a compelling option if you’re also looking for a tool to help you design your website’s pop-ups to attract subscribers and landing pages where you have, can send to people who have opened your email.

3. Sendinblue (www.sendinblue.com)


First of all, Sendinblue is a well-known name in the email marketing space. It’s a full-featured service that offers a host of tools to help you create, send, and optimize your email campaigns. It also comes with an extensive free tier, along with several affordable monthly plans to choose from.

Main function

  • Create and customize emails quickly, using a drag and drop builder
  • Start designing your email with ready-made templates.
  • Add the perfect opt-in form to your website through several handy form builders with custom fields.
  • Benefit from different email marketing automation options, including eight workflow templates that you can use to set up campaigns quickly
  • Track campaign metrics with analytics tools
  • A detailed WordPress plugin that allows you to handle everything from the comfort limits of your WordPress dashboard

Sendinblue pricing

For those budget-conscious, Sendinblue offers a helpful free tier. It includes all the platform’s major features and allows you to add unlimited contacts to your list. The only limitation is the limit of 300 emails sent per day.

If you need to exceed that daily sending limit, the next increase is only $ 25 per month.

Sendinblue is a good choice if …

As one of the cheapest email marketing software options, Sendinblue’s main selling point is its scalability. If you’re looking to try out an email campaign or two without investing a lot of resources, you can get started with the free plan and work your way up if needed.

The service also makes email marketing a very streamlined business, with lots of templates and workflows to get you up and run quickly.

4. Cakemail (www.cakemail.com)


If you’re running a small business, it might be smart to find an email marketing tool designed for companies like yours. That’s what Cakemail – a tool built on the needs of small businesses.

It offers several useful time-saving features and is one of the cheapest email marketing software options out there.

Main function

  • Create emails quickly by making some simple customizations to professional templates
  • Create and reuse your own templates and add them to your business’s branding
  • Divide your email list into targeted groups and send different messages to each group

Cakemail price

Cakemail offers several different prices based on the number of contacts you want on your list.

The cheapest plan includes up to 500 contacts for just $ 8 per month, and the next tier allows for up to 1,000 contacts $ 12 per month.

Each plan allows you to send unlimited emails and includes all the features of the platform. There’s also a 30-day free trial available if you just want to run the service trial.

Cakemail is a good choice if …

If you’re looking for a simple and streamlined option, Cakemail can be a great one.

While it lacks some of the automation features that more sophisticated services offer, it makes managing your list and creating your email campaigns simple and easy.

It’s a solid option for small businesses that need basic email marketing features without cumbersome costs (and associated costs).

5. SendGrid (sendgrid.com)


Some of the tools we’ve introduced so far focus on making email marketing a simple and streamlined process.

On the other hand,  SendGrid is ideal if you’re looking for as much control over the process as possible. It allows a lot of customization and tweaking, both in your personal emails and in your campaign as a whole.

Main function

  • Create an email with drag and drop, plain HTML, or a combination of the two
  • Choose from a library of responsive email templates.
  • Build custom campaigns and workflows, and automate key parts of the marketing process
  • Segment your list and personalize your email
  • Perform testing and analytical measurement to refine your future campaigns

SendGrid pricing

If you just want to give SendGrid a try, there is a free package that includes most of the main features. However, this plan is a bit limited as it allows sending 100 emails per day. The next increase is $ 14.95 per month, plus $ 10 for every 10,000 contacts you maintain.

SendGrid is a good choice if …

While SendGrid is one of the cheapest email marketing software tools, it can still be expensive if you have many contacts.

However, it’s ideal for smaller businesses who don’t need to spend many emails but want access to lots of customization features and options. SendGrid also provides a custom API, making it a solid choice for developers.

Set email domain name and email system Sendy

If you follow this article, you can save that few hundred dollars and re-invest and other marketing systems to grow it.

To send email marketing using email domain names, the system automatically sends and receives mail. There is no monthly fee; this can be the most optimal system for individuals who want to use it.


It is not wrong to say that the email marketing system of no fee is not wrong if you use the entire sending and receiving mail of Yandex.

If you use Amazon’s mailing system, the cost is also very cheap and almost no dong, but nowadays, it is difficult to sign up for Amazon’s mailing system, so we will not do a method here.

We use Sendy mail sending software in combination with a tool that allows us to create free domain names from Russia called Yandex, and we use Yandex’s SMTP system to send mail via Sendy.

New update Sendy 5. x in 2021 and 6.X – 2022

The basic function remains the same; it optimizes security with google captcha, the terms for sending mail around the world. The interface is more sparkling and uses the same effect, depending on how we write the email.

New update Sendy 5.x in 2021

The price is $ 69 permanently, no costs incurred, your job is to buy one time to install and use only.

your job is to buy one time to install and use only.

Currently, I do not use SMTP free anymore, although I still can send it, I use Mailgun’s SMTP, the cost of sending 1000 mail is 0.8 USD, the first 3 months free, compared to other services about 10 USD to send 1000 emails, that is as cheap as 1 in 10 very stable runnings. Of course, you have to install it and use it to save. Forget about jailbreaks online if you want to do email marketing.

I use Mailgun's SMTP

If you want to install it takes too long, can contact me, I have sendy service, the domain name you should install by yourself, to understand the mechanism of action, I have nothing more than you, I install for a long time then know Well, in general, it takes time.

Here is the section for you who want to send free can read the next section:

Also, the integration of domain names into Yandex has many changes. If we followed the old posts many years ago, that would lead to difficulty in implementation because some locations have some settings changes. Pretty big.

So we can imagine what our job is

  • Create a free domain email using Yandex
  • Install Sendy
  • Connect to Yandex SMTP system
  • And set up a simple email marketing campaign.

The article is quite long, so you should prepare a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy!

Create a free private domain email with Yandex

To create your own domain email with Yandex, there are many articles on the internet introducing it. Still, all the instructions lack the crucial verification step for the domain name, avoid spam.

Due to many people asking me, I decided to write a separate article according to practical experience, guiding you to the full steps to create an email with your own domain completely free at Yandex.

If using for corporate email, I do not recommend using Yandex because the server is fluttering, affecting many people.
Consider other paid services like Google’s G Suite that will be more stable. For personal or small business use, Yandex might be considered.

The email creation service with your own domain helps you create an email address by domain name, for example, admin@azlifemastery.com, instead of the general address azlifemastery@gmail.com, @ live.com as usual. This brings professionalism, trust, and a stronger impression.

You must have a domain name to use Yandex’s service.

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia; Google is behind Yandex. These two companies’ services are similar; mail for the domain name of Yandex works like  Google Apps of Google, different each one is used  Free – Free – This is like it, right!

You are limited to 1,000 mailboxes (ie for 1 domain you can create 1000 mailboxes admin1 @@ azlifemastery.com, admin2 @@ azlifemastery.com… .admin1000 @@ azlifemastery.com) add and  no limit the amount of space  .

This article will guide you by setting up a domain name that works with Yandex’s Mail for Domain service.

Sign up for a Yandex account

Please register for a Yandex account here, fill in the complete information as required. That is, you will create a total account, an account you can use for multiple domains and multiple mailboxes:

Sign up for a Yandex account

For the Mobile phone number, enter the mobile number in the format including country code +84, the phone number without the leading 0, for example, +84993123456. Then click Confirm code.

A few seconds later, you will receive an SMS verification message, enter, and then click  Confirm to confirm. If you have not received the code for a long time, you can click  Resend code to resend.

Some networks may be limited; please borrow a family member’s phone to verify, use 3 big networks.

In case you do not receive the code, change to another carrier number, or press  I don’t have a telephone phone number to set up the question-answer secret instead.

Finally, click the yellow Register and  Accept button to agree to the rules of Yandex. I renamed my account Tien.

Immediately you will be redirected to the personal information page below; update the information if necessary.

If you get the error message  “Passport could not process the request. Please try again later or refresh the page ”, please try to register later.

Add the domain to your Yandex account.

After logging in, go to the Yandex total portal to add the domain name:

add the domain name

Select add a domain and add your domain name:

add your domain name

Yandex will ask you to verify; there are as many ways as you can see; they suggest insert your ID code into the head tag of the website.

You can insert it right below the google analytics tracking code as you do for the AZLifeMastery.

tracking code as you do for the AZLifeMastery

After inserting and saving, go to Yandex and choose Check; if you have not verified it, wait a few minutes and remember to scan the cache if your site has a cache plugin installed.

Yandex says your domain name has been successfully verified; you need to create a few records for an email to work on the domain. Go to the domain administrator, and you will create some records as directed.

If you want to add more domains, repeat the operation. You must log in with @ yandex.com account, not @ tenmienrieng.com, to add the domain.

1. Confirm domain ownership
When configuring the domain name record,  the update may take a few hours to 24 hours to complete. If the record does not receive immediately, please try another time.

You choose 1 of 2 ways to verify the domain name:

– Option 1: Upload .html file

This way is required to have Web Hosting, and the domain is pointed to this Hosting works normally. If you do not have Hosting, please move to the way below.

In  Step 1. Verify domain ownership in the image above, create a .html file with the content specified. My example is the file  abcdef.html, in which the content is required như yêu cầu Yandex.

After creating the file, upload it to the directory  public_html, check again by directly accessing the link https://azlifemastery.com /abcdef.htmlIf the correct content is displayed.

– Method 2: Create a CNAME record for the domain name

Method 2 is simpler and does not need you to have Web Hosting; in the DNS management page of the domain name, just create 1 CNAME record with the name as specified and point to  mail.yandex.com.

After you do one of the two methods above, click on the Verify domain ownership button to confirm.

Note :

  • The record takes up to 24 hours for the update to complete.
  • You may have to add a dot to the record value to save it, specifically. mail.yandex.com.
2. Configure MX record

This step is crucial; if the configuration is wrong, you will not receive the mail!

Configure MX record

To receive incoming emails, you must configure the MX record. In the DNS management page,  delete all current MX records and create another MX record with Name  @ (if you can’t add a record  @, enter it  domain.com), point to Server  mx.yandex.net with Priority is  10.

Once done, press the Verify MX records button to confirm.

Note: maybe the record you created needs some time to update. Check on  MxToolBox; the correct result of 2 records like this is successful:

Verify MX

If there are no problems, on the Yandex page, you will get a green text saying  Domain connected.

You can make 1 cup of coffee, wait 5-10 minutes,  check here, you will see verified and ready to create email domain name Free.

create email domain name

Configure SPF and DKIM

If you want outgoing email not to be transferred to Spam, you need to configure  SPF  and  DKIM  for the domain name.

On your Domain management page, click on the link  DNS editor.

In the DNS records table below, you will see many records; please note the two SPF and DKIM records are two TXT records to add to the domain name’s DNS.

domain name's DNS

So you have completed all the configuration steps for the domain name.

Create a domain email account

In the Domain Management page, in the All Employtess section, enter the email address you want to create and click the Add button to create your own domain email account.

Next, you select, and this button is the admin button for this domain, which contains the place to create the email:

which contains the place to create the email

It will look like this, and you click on add select add a person:

It will look like this, and you click on add select add a person

Then enter the email address information you want, for example, to admin@azlifemastery.com.

Next, you need to configure a domain name to use the Yandex mail service.

From the second account onwards, please click the Add mailbox link to import more. 1,000 mailbox limit.

That’s it; now you try to send an email. Inbox is for sure.

Remember to create, you need to log in to activate the new email will work!

you need to log in to activate the new email will work

Click Complete…:

Click Complete

Like this, you are successful:

Like this, you are successfu

Create a default email address

Yandex has a nice feature; it’s the default email address. All emails sent to non-existing mailboxes (e.g., abc@azlifemastery.com, xxx@azlifemastery.com) will be automatically sent to this email.

To configure this default address, simply click the link  3 points…

Select the desired address and press the Save changes button.

Select the desired address and press the Save changes button.

Use mail management software.

If you want to check email on mobile, install the Yandex Mail app.

With other mail management applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail … please refer to this guide to configure IMAP, POP3 parameters.

Use Yandex SMTP to send a mail with WordPress

To be able to send mail notification, order notification mail with WordPress using Yandex SMTP, please install the WP Mail SMTP plugin   and configure it as follows:

Use Yandex SMTP to send a mail with WordPress

SMTP Options uses SSL as instructed by Yandex. If you Send Test Email with SSL protocol fails, please try to switch over TLS with port 587 as of this configuration try:

Send Test Email notification is successful.

Note: – Before using SMTP; you need to log in to your email box to activate your account.

You can send 3000 * emails from one mailbox within a 24 hour period. If the email has multiple recipients, then each email will be counted separately for your total.

Additional limits are set for the number of recipients:

Total emails in a 24-hour period (from one mailbox): 3000
Total emails in a 24-hour period (from all mailboxes of a domain): 5000
In an email sent from a website: 50
In an email sent from the mail client or via SMTP: 35

* Only external recipients are considered. The owner of mailboxes in this domain is not considered.

See details here, section. The daily limit on how many emails you can send was reached.

– The speed of sending mail using the server of Yandex is not fast but acceptable!

Automatically Forward mail to another address

To forward Yandex mail to another email address (e.g., Gmail), please log in to the mail, click the jagged icon  All Settings, select  Message filtering.

Next, click the Create filter button and create a filter, provided that the email sent to your address ( To or Cc matches ) will be forwarded to another address.

The configuration image is as follows:

The configuration image is as follows

Remember to access the email address that will forward to click the confirmation link again.

Display Avatar when sending to Gmail

Yandex email, when sending to Gmail, does not show Avatar but is the default gray icon.

To increase professionalism, you should add avatar images to the mailbox. When sending an email will look like below, to change you just go to the account manager and upload the picture:

Display Avatar when sending to Gmail

That’s it; from now on, every email sent to Gmail will always display your avatar.

Display name when sending mail instead of the email address

If you do not configure, when sending mail, instead of displaying the name, the mail recipient will see your email address below, looking unprofessional.

Display name when sending mail instead of the email address

Just click on the gear icon at the top right, select  Personal data, signature, picture, and enter the name you want to display in the Your name box with just the blue arrow. If you like the signature, add it with a yellow box using only the red arrow.

What is Sendy? Where to Buy Sendy?

Sendy is an email marketing system with all necessary functions, allowing you to import and manage emails, automatically subscribe, create advertising campaigns, autoresponder easily.

Costs for Email Marketing services are normally calculated based on the total number of emails  (subscribers) in your account. The more emails you have, the more you have to pay each month.

With Sendy, on the other hand, you will build your own email marketing system with all the necessary functions, so you will have full use without worrying about email hosting costs anymore; a few tens of thousands to even a hundred thousand emails are still carefree.

You are in Full Control. You just need to install sendy on a domain name that can later be used for many other domains.

If you already have a large list of email clients,  Sendy is your number one choice.

Because if you want to import into other suppliers, you need to prove the origin of the email, sometimes you have to ask customers to click on the confirmation link, which is very annoying. As for Sendy, copy/paste or upload the text file is done!

When sending mail, if you use the free SMTP Server service and send within the allowed limit, you will not spend any money.

If you want better delivery rates, absolute high inbox capabilities, you can check out other paid services like Amazon SES or SendGrid. These are all good, cheap options to use.

There are too many reasons for me to choose Sendy as an Email Marketing system.

Currently, the Sendy version is v4.08 if you buy it after July 31, 2018; if you buy it first, it will be Version, still fine, if you want to upload to the v4.x version, there will be an additional fee of $ 29. some more professional features, if not only a one-time purchase of $ 59, is permanent :

v4.08 if you buy it after July 31, 2018;

The version that AZlifemastery used Tien Buy from 2015 is Version, still very ok.

Visit the Sendy homepage:

Go to Buy Sendy

Buy Sendy source code.

To use Sendy, you need to buy source code only once for $ 59, be updated for life, paid via PayPal.

Scroll down to the bottom to see the  Get your copy Sendy section, enter your name, email, and domain to use, and pay with PayPal.

Buy Sendy source code

In 2021 the price is 69 $, 59 no more.

The license will only install on the domain that you have registered; the subdomain is comfortable to use.

Prepare Hosting or VPS

Once you have the source code, you need a  VPS / Server to upload the code. Do not use Shared Hosting because Sendy may fluctuate, hang campaigns, or send email ineffectively.

However, if you have strong enough hosting, do not hesitate to install Sendy on your hosting because Sendy works without consuming too many resources.

Cloud server package  $ 5 / month 1GB  at Vultr is quite suitable to run Sendy, you should choose it (should choose the US location to send mail quickly). Buy Here

Sendy on Nginx server

If you install Sendy in public_html root:

location ~ / (l | t | w | (un)? subscribe) / {
rewrite ^ / ([^ /] +) / ([a-zA-Z0-9 /] +) $ /$1.php?i= $ 2 last;

location / {
rewrite ^ / ([a-zA-Z0-9 \ -] +) /$1.php?$args last;
Remember to comment again or delete the existing block location / {…}.

If install Sendy in the sendy subfolder:

location ~ / sendy / (l | t | w | (un)? subscribe) / {
rewrite ^ / sendy / ([^ /] +) / ([a-zA-Z0-9 /] +) $ / sendy / $ 1.php? I = $ 2 last;

location / sendy / {
rewrite ^ / sendy / ([a-zA-Z0-9 \ -] +) /sendy/$1.php?$args last;

Then remember to restart Nginx.

2. Sendy installation instructions

Upload Sendy to the Server

You open the configuration file  config.php in the directory, including the Sendy installation path  APP_PATH and the corresponding MySQL database login information.

I often choose a subdomain to contain Sendy (because you use a server to run your own mail); you can choose a subdirectory to install.

you can choose a subdirectory to install.

Note this path must match the path when you order Sendy to activate the license later.

If you want to change the old domain name to install to the new domain, click here, enter your license, and change:

enter your license, and change

After editing the contents of the file, upload all the Sendy code to the server.

Change directory permission uploads to 777.

Install Sendy

After uploading is complete, you access the Sendy link to install. If there are no problems, you will see the following interface:

  • License key enters the license received in the mail.
  • Company: the name of your company or website.
  • Name the name of the sender of the email.
  • Email: email login to Sendy system (should use an email with your own domain name, not Gmail)
  • Timezone (can edit again later).
  • The AWS Access Key ID  and  AWS Secret Access Key have left blank; this information you will have in step III below.

Click the Install now button to proceed with the installation.

The installation process is rapid. If there are no problems, you will be taken to the Sendy login page. Enter your email address and password, you will see:

you will see

Select setting if you want to install SMTP Amazon

install SMTP Amazon

I have an Amazon SES account, but this is a Yandex tutorial, so I leave SMTP amazon blank:

Amazon SES

If you keep installing Amazon, it can cause conflicts; they recommend not to install it if you use other SMTP.

Here: If you entered SMTP credentials when you create or edit a brand, emails would be sent via SMTP. Otherwise, emails will be sent via your server (not recommended).

i.e., if you entered the SMTP credentials when you created or edited the brand, the email will be sent via SMTP. Otherwise, the email will be sent through your server (not recommended).

What is it: You can install Amazon as well, and if you want to send another Brand, you can customize it for each brand, but: They are not recommended. Well, let’s listen to them.

you can customize it for each brand

Configure Cron job for Sendy

This is a crucial step you must take so that Sendy can automatically send emails according to the campaigns you define later, import mailing lists, autoresponder …

As you can imagine, a completely preinstalled system, and now it needs one button for all to work; the button we create is the Cron jobs.

At first, I found it very difficult to understand this issue; why did I finish installing all the systems, and the system still does not work? Not sending mail or responding when a customer register is a system that keeps issuing calls to Sendy to work – go to work – don’t sit around.

The list of cron jobs required:

* / 2 * * * * php /home/mail.domain.com/public_html/scheduled.php> / dev / null 2> & 1
* / 1 * * * * php /home/mail.domain.com/public_html/autoresponders.php> / dev / null 2> & 1
* / 1 * * * * php /home/mail.domain.com/public_html/import-csv.php> / dev / null 2> & 1
* / 15 * * * * php /home/mail.domain.com/public_html/update-segments.php> / dev / null 2> & 1

Depending on how you install the server, you replace the corresponding path. Time should run 2 minutes, 1 minute, 1 minute, 15 minutes respectively as above.

In the SSH window, copy and paste the commands below to automatically add the crontab:

crontab -l | {cat; echo "* / 2 * * * * php /home/mail.domain.com/public_html/scheduled.php> / dev / null 2> & 1"; } | crontab -
crontab -l | {cat; echo "* / 1 * * * * php /home/mail.domain.com/public_html/autoresponders.php> / dev / null 2> & 1"; } | crontab -
crontab -l | {cat; echo "* / 1 * * * * php /home/mail.domain.com/public_html/import-csv.php> / dev / null 2> & 1"; } | crontab -
crontab -l | {cat; echo "* / 15 * * * * php /home/mail.domain.com/public_html/update-segments.php> / dev / null 2> & 1"; } | crontab -

Check with the command. crontab -l

Next, you need to register & configure the SMTP Server; see below, configure SMTP Yandex Free.

3. Configure sending SMTP mail for Sendy: Yandex or Gmail

Send mail using SMTP Server.

Everyone does not register an amazon SES account; if you try everything and still fail, choose dedicated SMTP services.

I have introduced a list of recommended free SMTP providers to choose from.

After registering, verify your account, get SMTP information and fill out the  SMTP Settings when adding Brand as instructed below. Simple than Amazon SES, but if used more, the cost will be higher.

Below I will guide how to use SMTP Yandex, although not fast, but permanently free.

So concludes the rather complicated installation of Sendy.

If you have problems during the installation process that I have not written, please refer to the instructions  Setting up and installation.

Create a brand and install Free SMTP Yandex:

First, you need to create a  Brand.

What is the brand here? For example, Apple has several product lines such as Macbook, iPhone, iPad … These products here are similar to Brand.

These products here are similar to Brand

Or you can understand if you add another domain name that is a brand, and within that brand, you can create many different email marketing campaigns.

For example, Tien installs sendy to another domain AZLifemastery.com and adds a Brand called AZ Life Mastery:

Brand called AZ Life Mastery

You can set up sub-accounts for each brand to manage separately or install SMTP settings if you’re not using Amazon SES.

You can also use the brand to share with others using Sendy to run Email Marketing.

Sendy to run Email Marketing.

Using the IMAP protocol, the email client synchronizes with the server and saves the folders’ structure in your mailbox.

Messages you send from the email application are saved both on your computer and on the server, and you can access them from many different devices.

Activate the IMAP protocol before configuring your email application:

IMAP protocol

To set up an email client for the IMAP protocol, you need to specify the following:

Incoming mail:

  • Mail server address – imap.yandex.com
  • Connection security – SSL
  • Port – 993

Letter sent:

  • Mail server address – smtp.yandex.com
  • Connection security – SSL
  • Port – 465

To access the email server, enter your Yandex password and log in (or use an app password if you have two-step verification turned on).

If you are configuring sending email from a mailbox, such as login@yandex.com, your username is the first part of the address before the @ @ sign.

If you are using Yandex, mail for Domain Names, enter your full email address as login information.

Clicking on the brand just created will take you to an All campaigns page, displaying all campaigns that have been submitted.

Create a campaign in the Brand AZLifeMastery and send the mail test:

email marketing cheapest azlifemastery com 32

Click submit test:

submit test

After less than 1 minute, the Gmail message you enter to receive mail from admin @ a life mastery like this is successful:


Congratulations, everything is running ok!

Create list and import email

Click the View all lists link in the left menu and then  Add a new list to create the first list.

View all lists link in the left menu

You will then be taken to the import subscriber page. You can upload a CSV file or copy & paste it directly.

You can upload a CSV file or copy & paste it directly

– Import via CSV file

  • The format of the CSV file consists of 2 columns, Name and Email. There is no column name in the first row.
  • If you want to add information other than Name and Email, create custom fields first.
  • If your data is a lot of emails, please install cronjob so that the system will automatically import after upload by clicking the link to set up a cron job. See more in section 2.2. Install Sendy.

–  Add name and email per line

  • Copy & paste Name and Email into the textbox below.
  • Name and Email are separated by commas, one contact per line.

You like to import as many emails as you like, unlimited quantity, no need to verify the origin like other services.

Configure list

After the import is complete, you will be taken to the following list management page:

The next job you need to configure for the list just created, click  List settings to get started.

List settings to get started

List type

So for  Double-Opt-In, users must confirm the click link in the email to be subscribed. This will significantly limit the junk mailbox you receive; sending email campaigns later will be more efficient.

The email content requesting confirmation will be entered below in the  Confirmation email subject and the  Double Opt-In confirmation message.

Their share of soup always mail template Me, if you press the button you want to use the Source in the  Double-Opt-In confirmation message, then copy and paste the template below, help to design time-consuming. Click  Source again to return to the visual editing interface.

Subscribe success page

After users subscribe through the form successfully, they will be redirected to a general Sendy confirmation page. If you want to use a custom site, enter the path in the Page  URL box.

Note: If you are using a plugin for users who subscribe, this confirmation page may not be displayed. Instead, it could be a plugin message line.

Subscription confirmed page  (only applies when Double Opt-In has been activated  )

When the user clicks on the email’s confirmation link will be automatically redirected to this confirmed page. If you do not want to use Sendy’s default generic content, you should design a page yourself and enter the path in the Page URL box.

If you want users to receive thank you emails after signing up, use  Thank you email.

Unsubscribe settings

This part often I rarely use, setting up to send email notifications to unsubscribe successfully.

Click the Save button to save the entire configuration.

Registration form

On the Subscriber lists management page, next to the  List settings link is the link  Subscribe form.

Registration form

Click on  Subscribe form. You will see a link to subscribe directly to the current list and a piece of HTML code for you to code the registration form yourself.

HTML code

I often use a plugin to integrate with Sendy, so there is no need to use a form, but if you are proficient in HTML code, you can use this code to integrate the registration form into any page.

The subscribe link can test the above list configuration, see if the registration process is okay, and not be adjusted.

Use Autoresponders

Like other email marketing services, Sendy’s Autoresponder automatically emails the customer list based on a time condition or a certain action. I evaluate this function of Sendy as quite simple, easy to use, not support complicated conditions.

Press  Autoresponders to configure.

The first time you use it, you will see a message like below, asking to set up a server to run cronjob autoresponder once a minute. See more in the section above Sendy Settings.

If you have successfully installed cron job, reload the page, and you will be in the autoresponder configuration section.

autoresponder configuration section

The Drip campaign will automatically send a prepared mailing list after users subscribe.

According to different celebrations, such as happy birthday, happy new year, reminder to buy goods …

That is, you here can schedule a time to send an email to that customer.

This is how we use our email marketing system to take care of our customers, and of course, customers on their birthday receive a wish that will remember our brand and remember our service and product. Our products too.

Our products too

You need to create a custom field with a Data type of Date in advance. Then go back to the Autoresponders page to see more options:

Then go back to the Autoresponders page to see more options:

Note: each custom field can only create a corresponding autoresponder.

Autoresponder applications vary, depending on your creativity—for example, with the Birthday field above.

You can create an autoresponder to send happy birthday mail automatically, send a 1-week notice about promotions applied to customers if they go to eat / shop on the right birthday …

You can use an autoresponder to pre-prepare a series of mail to be sent after users subscribe.

Email content congratulates successful registration, the introduction of domain name services; good hosting should use, sending ebook & content of good articles …

This will make users feel more respected. They remember your Brand; you succeed.

2022 Update Sendy 6X:

2022 Update Sendy 6X:
2022 Update Sendy 6X:

Add customer information with Custom fields.

Besides Name and Email information, Sendy allows you to add many different customer information, an unlimited quantity to  Custom fields. You need to add at least 1 field with Data type Date to activate some other autoresponder type besides the Drip campaign.

Press  Custom fields to add new fields.

Custom fields to add new fields

Enter the field name, Data type (Text or Date), and click the Add custom field button.

Later, when importing or editing customer information, you will have an additional column to add data corresponding to the field just created.

Template Management

If you often have to compose outgoing mail, prepare a well-designed template. When using just enter the necessary content only, I am using it to send email to members.

Click  All templates in the left column and  Create a new template to create a new template.

Template Management

Below the text box, you will see several tags that Sendy supports to insert the email content. Support Custom field tags too.

As a rule, in all outgoing emails, there must be a link that allows unsubscribing users. If you do not provide this link, the outgoing email is likely to be spammed.

I always share the template below; if you want, please get it. Press the Source button and then copy & paste. Click  Source again to return to the visual editing interface.

Create an Email Marketing campaign

Once everything is installed, click  Create a new campaign on the left menu to start an Email Marketing campaign. The email editor interface is as follows:

Create an Email Marketing campaign

If an available template, press  Select a template and choose right at the top, the editor frame’s content will be changed accordingly.

The track opens: select Yes by default, is the email track opened by the user?

Track clicks: Select Yes by default, track whether the user clicks any link in the email content?

The email content editor is easy to use, just like Word. You press the Source button to edit the code directly if you want. The tags that can be used, Sendy will list them all below.

Click  Save & next to go to the Newsletter preview page to review the campaign.

preview page to review the campaign

Test send this campaign: Before sending, you should preview the email content okay or plan to adjust if there is a problem. Enter your test email in this box and press the Test to send this newsletter button.

Define recipients: You can choose the list of customers you want to send; you can choose multiple lists simultaneously.

Schedule this campaign? : If you don’t want to send the mail immediately, click on this link to set the system’s time to send the mail.

Edit newsletter: to edit email content.

For the system to operate stably, you need to set up the server to run a cronjob scheduled every 5 minutes. Click the  Setup CRON now → link for detailed instructions; see Sendy Installation.

If your cron job is not working properly on your mind, you can refer to some services called cron from outside.

After making a paid service, if you use it stably, you will not need to buy other services; this is a service that I often use and find stable.

this is a service that I often use and find stable.

Wait about 5 minutes for the system to update; if the crown setup is successful, you will no longer see a green notice box on the Newsletter preview page.

For example, if you install cron on hosting or VPS is not good, you can use it to create a crown called by the path as below:

this is a service that I often use and find stable.

You need to create 4 crons like this:

  • https://email.azlifemastery.com/scheduled.php
  • https://email.azlifemastery.com/autoresponders.php
  • https://email.azlifemastery.com/import-csv.php
  • https://email.azlifemastery.com/update-list.php

remember to change your domain name, and then 1 minute later check if the system works or not.

Click the Send newsletter button now! To start sending email marketing campaigns right away, like this one is successful:

like this one is successful

See report

To see your email marketing campaign’s effectiveness, please click the See reports link on the left menu and select the corresponding campaign.

See report

There is a lot of information described in the graph section, including:

  • Number of times /% to open emails.
  • Several times /% click on any link in the email.
  • Number /% of users click to unsubscribe.
  • Several visits /% of users marked as spam.

There is also detailed information:

  • Link activity: listing the link details in the email along with the number of clicks. You can download a detailed list of who clicked.
  • Last 10 opened: 10 most recently opened the mail. Can download the entire list.
  • Last 10 unsubscribed: The last 10 unsubscribe people. Can download the entire list.
  • Last 10 bounced emails: 10 most recent failed emails. Can download the entire list.
  • Last 10 marked as spam: The 10 most recent spam reporters. Can download the entire list.
  • All countries: countries with the most email open users. This information is often inaccurate.

The information in the report that Sendy provided has almost fully met the needs.

5. Summary cheapest email marketing software

If you’re looking for the cheapest email marketing software (still offering the features you need), here are our final recommendations for where to start:

 Best Overall Sendinblue: This full-featured solution offers some price flexibility and plenty of functionality.

Cheapest Sendy: You can install Sendy software on your own server for a one-time fee and then send emails via Amazon SES reasonably.

MailerLite: With this platform, you get the full balance between key features and low prices. A good alternative to Sendinblue.

Initial Sendy installation will find you quite complicated because you do not understand its mechanism yet. After about two days, you notice and plot it out; it is easy to understand how Sendy works and can do it, send owner.

Once you master the view, it is natural that you have an effective email marketing system with monthly no fees.

Because you only have to pay a one-time fee to buy Sendy, all automatic and timed mailing systems are handled by Sendy, and the SMTP you use of Yandex is free forever, hosting the domain the following months. And then next… you don’t have to pay anything for this email system! That’s right, no fees!

Hopefully, this article AZLifeMastery updates how to add a new domain name and create a free Yandex 2021 email to help you have more options for using the email marketing system for small businesses or individuals.

Go to Buy Sendy

This new site does not have any mailing list; I install it on another system; I will install it later when I build this site list.

Above is the article “What is The Email Marketing Cheapest 2021?” Hope to bring you some small value; if you find it useful, please share it with everyone!