Do you want to master your life?

We mean that you can master most of the core areas of your life. Do you want that?

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Across the planet earth with nearly 8 billion of us, we always meet our needs every minute, which psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow researched more than 50 years ago.
And you absolutely can, if you know-how!

And here, you can find most of the essential elements to understand, operate your mind and realize what you want.
At, there will be documents, books, and knowledge about business worldwide, to significant philosophical issues that are the core laws that run the world every second.

“As it is on the inside, it is on the outside, as it is on the top, so it is below.
The outcome of your life on the outside depends on how you operate your mind, emotions, and actions; it will show on the outside.

So to run your life the way you want, I suggest you read some books to reframe your thinking process and then your perception; that’s the first step.” 

— Dinh Tien Thiet —







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Books Recommended Collections

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Top Books Recommended by Joe Rogan

Funny stories or comedies are always the spiritual food of everyone in the world after stressful working times. It serves as spiritual food that comedians have brought to us around the world. There is a good time at work in life when there are countless things that we have not resolved and the mood we

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First, before you go into the list of books to become a leader, we need to understand why you have to be a leader? If you say I’m working for someone else and I’m doing a great job, I get a monthly salary, so why might I need leadership? Learn leadership for what? Is this

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Top Books Recommended by Robert Kiyosaki

In the 2000s, the whole world had to pay attention to the famous book series by author Robert Kiyosaki, with many good lessons about money, how to make money, use money and invest money. Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, an investor, and the author of a 13-volume book titled, Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is

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First, before we get into why we need to read books to develop ourselves, we need to understand how important it is for you to study and understand the world around you better, like self-knowledge. First, imagine that you were born without any knowledge in your mind, and your mind seems to be a blank

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Stop One Minute! Now listen to me; you stop for a minute and think, what are you doing right now? Are you working for an individual or an organization? Are you working for yourself? Are you playing with your children or the people around you? Are you looking to build a business, a company or

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Top Books Recommended by Warren Buffett

Speaking of Warren Buffet, everyone knows who he is and his wisdom has left the world with countless documents and helpful advice. One of our most significant ways of learning is to learn from people who have successfully imitated their ideas and working principles, and then we apply them to our work to gain back

Sales Marketing Tools

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How To Make Money on Youtube 2021 Most Sustainable and Effective?

If you are looking to make money from YouTube or other social networking platforms like Facebook, you probably know the recent news that Facebook has blocked all information and is not allowing users to access the information. News all over the world in Australia. What does this mean? This means that social networks’ power has

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Payoneer Reviews 2022 – Is it Worth Using? ​Is it Right For You

If you are a person who regularly participates in international payment, then surely no stranger to Payoneer. However, if you are a new participant in international payments, we can simply understand briefly that Payoneer is a reputable intermediary that sends money around the world. We can imagine this as a bridge so that we can

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What is The Email Marketing Cheapest 2022?

mail marketing is one of the tools to help you connect with the indispensable customers in your digital-age marketing system. Although the traffic from email marketing back to your website system or sales pages is not much, the conversion rate is extremely high because these are the customers who have actually linked to and received

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How To Make Money With A Blog 2021 Full Option?

Make money blogging? how to make money with a blog? Including Blogging + Make Money? How does this model work? Where is the money, more or less? Where should we think of money? Blogging for money has saturated yet? When we use the money to shop, For example, we buy a pair of shoes, buy a set

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Grammarly Review 2022 Really Helps You In Your Work; Is It Worth Using?

English is a world language and although English is not my mother tongue, it is a language I use a lot in my work and with partners all over the world. Although there are many native-born people who can use English from a young age, spelling mistakes are still common and especially serious for non-native